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She founded the <Speech_Female> Jane Goodall institute <Speech_Female> in nineteen seventy seven <Speech_Female> which works to <Speech_Female> keep human communities <Speech_Female> and wild Chipenzi <Speech_Female> populations in <Speech_Female> Africa, healthy <Speech_Female> and coexisting <Speech_Female> peacefully <Speech_Female> roots and shoots <Speech_Female> is a program to <Speech_Female> power young people <Speech_Female> worldwide to <Speech_Female> make a difference in their local <Speech_Female> communities <Speech_Female> now at the <Speech_Female> age of eighty five <Speech_Female> Goodell spends about <Speech_Female> three hundred days a <Speech_Female> year, traveling and <Speech_Female> speaking about Africa. <Speech_Female> Chimpanzees, <Speech_Female> the environment <Speech_Female> and her other passions. <Speech_Female> <Silence> <Speech_Female> Although Goodall sees the <Speech_Female> hideous parts of what <Speech_Female> humans are doing to our <Speech_Female> planet. She continues <Speech_Female> to be hopeful about our <Speech_Female> future. <Speech_Female> She wrote in a New York Times <Speech_Female> op Ed in two thousand <Speech_Female> seventeen <Speech_Female> quote, the <Speech_Female> lust for greed and <Speech_Female> power has destroyed <Speech_Female> the beauty. We inherited <Speech_Female> but altruism <Speech_Female> compassion, <Speech_Female> and love have <Speech_Female> not been destroyed. <Speech_Female> All that is beautiful <Speech_Female> in humanity <Speech_Female> has not been destroyed. <Speech_Female> The beauty of <Speech_Female> our planet is not dead, <Speech_Female> but lying dormant <Speech_Female> like the seeds <Speech_Female> of a dead tree. <Speech_Female> We shall <SpeakerChange> have another <Speech_Female> chance. <Silence> In <Speech_Female> two thousand nineteen Goodall <Speech_Female> was nominated for the Nobel <Speech_Female> peace prize. <Speech_Female> She was also <Speech_Female> included on the two thousand nineteen <Speech_Female> time one hundred <Speech_Female> list of the one hundred <Speech_Female> most influential <Speech_Female> people in the world. <Speech_Female> We <Speech_Female> spoke by Email with <Speech_Female> the author of the petition to <Speech_Female> nominate Goodall for <Speech_Female> the prize, one <Speech_Female> Myron shackle, <Speech_Female> a research, associate <Speech_Female> at western Washington <Speech_Female> University's department <Speech_Female> of anthropology. <Speech_Female> They said, <Speech_Female> I believe there's <Speech_Female> no better choice to <Speech_Female> receive the next Nobel <Speech_Female> peace. Prize <Speech_Female> civilization <Speech_Female> is today facing perhaps <Speech_Female> its greatest challenge <Speech_Female> ever, the <Speech_Female> twin puck elliptic <Speech_Female> threats of global climate <Speech_Female> change and <Speech_Female> biodiversity loss. <Speech_Female> Both <Speech_Female> are caused by humans <Speech_Female> and both are <Speech_Female> linked in that boasts <Speech_Female> stem from human misuse <Speech_Female> of the environment. <Speech_Female> No <Speech_Female> one has ever done more <Speech_Female> or better work <Speech_Female> than Jane Goodall to bring <Speech_Female> peace between humans, <Speech_Female> and their environment <Speech_Female> and thereby <Speech_Female> create the conditions <Speech_Female> under which humans <Advertisement> can <Speech_Female> be at peace <Advertisement> with each other <Speech_Music_Female> <Advertisement> Jane <Speech_Music_Female> Goodall is <Advertisement> the global <Speech_Female> face <Advertisement> for global <Speech_Music_Female> peace. <Advertisement> Today's <Speech_Music_Female> episode was written <Speech_Music_Female> by Justin <Advertisement> shields, and <Speech_Music_Female> produced by Tyler <Advertisement> clang <Speech_Music_Female> <Advertisement> brain stuff <Speech_Music_Female> is a production <Advertisement> of iheartradio. <Speech_Music_Female> How <Advertisement> stuff works <Speech_Music_Female> <Advertisement> for more on this <Speech_Music_Female> in lots of <Advertisement> other topics <Speech_Music_Female> that

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