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Roses were all bets he like he's like a modern day rebels still skin threat i so i will show up if you say is i wish we could be right now but he's having his own fondue dinner at his house i will say this some day we will meet jan fodder sunday champa it'll be the guest of honour at one of those i love it i love you jan wherever you are jan please stay alive tonight will we've got stories we've got joe derosa here and we're going to break these stories down so dan you want to jump into one but i do it do it this was sent in by spooky bones jones at cav jones thirty okocha nothing racist about that on oklahoma man who i okay as some of you may know these people right these articles as though they are giving a news cast and they want me to read it that way in the sings songane cast way you have to give it the inflection at a given it is flicked kasim an oklahoma man is greasing the wheels of justice with lots of vassal lena stop i'm already like go home is where the names guys in this town can't wait when john wayne kellerman okay john wake helmet is like twothirds of a serial killer john wayne cool kellerman ju but he only you know he's like these commentator on the gator jacobs gives ada county j data kale's he was pulled over on october 15th he could have easily given officers the slit that's because the fifty four year old was mostly covered in vassal lean on his hands and upper and lower parts of is body watts why did they single out their hands and then just say the lower and upper parts of the by you're right that is covered it vassily all over his body do you have to fill a certain number of words in the article hands so we could slip out of the cops.

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