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Like you're right here on Chris's lap in the studio. Yeah, you sound. Even better that way, but you can send a text to our eight hundred number as well, and we'll do those occasional will read them if you have a question for example, this one from let me see. Oh, they didn't even give the first name but high into tomorrow always look forward to your show every Sunday evening on seven point three, FM in Baton Rouge. Well. Thank you whoever sent that. But when if we should read your text on the air to eight, hundred, eight, nine, nine, four, six, eight, six, eight, hundred, eight, nine, nine into if we read your text on the air that qualifies you for prices as well. Not, the bigger better summer giveaway prices now extended through the fall into the fall because we want to hear you for those. But at least you kind of get the idea to not you do speaking of the summer giveaway. shh. It's time for a cool and do tomorrow hot summer giveaway. Thank you cam. Summer. Hand extended. Now into the fall, we've got some goodies when you call in no promises no guarantees that's the legal stuff we've got mentioned but tell us four or five or twelve of the items that you would prefer. We'll do our best to get one of those to you for example, from you who endorse smart air quality sensors your first step to clean air yet. Now, that's not the drink that's anew H.. O. Is the company and these are really cool devices that are over three hundred dollars value from San Gene. They sent several of their radios including AM FM WOULDN'T CABINET RADIO ANNIVERSARY? Editions. Their FM Stereo rds AM portable radio specially designed for the vision impaired with helpful guided voice props among the things from my Leo with several one year subscriptions to their premium photo organizing APP every photo every device instantly organized from. Kingston Iron Key d three hundred, sixty, four gigs, secure USB flash drives they sent us several worth two, hundred and fifty dollars. Each at everybody could use a flash drive from razor. We've got a black widow light silent mechanical keyboard oscilloscopes X. Hyper speed wireless mouse and a kyle. Webcam with Bilton. Double Ring Light you need a cell phone signal booster who doesn't we boost sent us their Dr Sleek Worth two hundred. Bucks and their drive reaches a multi user vehicle cell phone signal booster worth five, hundred dollars. From simple sense. We've got a few of their water leaking freeze detectors around the clock protection and alerts Yamaha send us an acoustic guitar with Authentic Reverberate Chorus Worth Twelve hundred, twenty five dollars their son genetic keytar enabling playing without wrong notes that's worth five hundred dollars and not to be outdone how about their drum module. Transforms Acoustic drums ourselves from data locker. We've got a century K. three, hundred, sixteen, gigabyte, encrypted USB flat three of those one, hundred, fifty bucks you get the idea visit us at into tomorrow dot Com check the summer giveaway and you'll see them all listed and links to them. Pictures of that all the goodies we've got a lot of stuff to share with you and all you need to do is be heard on the air it's that simple what? Should they do to be heard on the air with any consumer tech question help for another listener maybe their favorite APP and why these days whatever well, the best most preferred ways to use the into tomorrow APP. It's free and available on your favorite apple and android device to starts into tomorrow in those APP stores or if you're technically technically inclined to use the phone and I don't know what I'm trying to say but you can also call. Eight, hundred, eight, nine, nine, four, six, eight, six, that's eight, hundred, eight, nine into your thinking may be the old fashioned way. Yeah. That's what I'm trying to say yeah. That's what I thought Brandon. Jackson Mississippi listens on Super Talk Ninety seven point three and we love you for it. He's using the free into tomorrow. Happy Brandon Hey, Dave I was willing to know what you thought about data mining as it pertains to the blockchain mining rigs and revenue that they might produce. What are your thoughts? So Brandon, if you're thinking crypto currencies in particular, if you go with a new one, you may get some returned but generally speaking at current prices, you'll spend more electricity. Then you'll get back in try to do that for the most part that mostly goes for the popular currencies. Some of the new ones are still simple enough to mine if you will that they may give you more of a return, but it will still likely be below what you're spending. To even power your machine and there are still people that do it successfully to an extent, but that requires having the right equipment and know what currencies to stick to. Now, if you're mining a different kind of data, your mileage may vary. There are lots of other blockchain projects and if you found one that can make you some money and you already have. A machine set up to try you might as well, but don't expect huge returns. Yeah. Now, brandon stay tuned because this is one of those things that another listener might be helpful to you as well. Perhaps, they can share with us if they have done something recent with cryptocurrencies and mining and share their experience and will be happy to share that with you. Meantime Terry in Carthage Missouri Listens to the free into tomorrow podcast and my goodness we love Terry as well calling in using the free into tomorrow APP a day glitzy. You're back on the air again. Hope you're feeling better. I'm having trouble getting a wireless signal to my ring cameras on the outside of my house miss anything. I can do to. Help with that a new routers have better single coverage, but still having trouble. helped me that I would appreciate it. Well, first Terry thank you for the kind words sound terrific like he's right here. But see that's how good you sound when you use the APP, a Terry, your ring cameras, of course are just fi devices I've got the same problem with one that I have outback overlooking the lake area. Sometimes, it works most of the time it doesn't, but you need to somehow make your network obviously stronger. Wherever those cameras are you can look at all whether external access points. For example, the wave link AC six hundred will cost you about eighty five dollars and it can be mounted outside having said that it sounds like you may have cameras all around your house. So the house itself can, of course, block the signal from an outside access point to the rest of the cameras. That are not line of sight. So there may be creating another issue. Yeah. If the cameras are mounted on the walls of the house rather than away and pointed at it, a Mesh system is probably all you need those systems like the euro and the or that allow you to keep adding stations that talk to each other and repeat the connection in order to eliminate dead spots. Place enough of those repeaters close to where the cameras are mounted you should be able to get each them usable signal if the cameras are too far away from the House though you may be stuck with those outdoor access points. Yeah. The part that scares me is how they talk to each other because sometimes I'll walk around my house and go who said that what was that? WHO's talking? You know and no, it's not. If you want to join us, we'd love to hear from you. 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