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More at Houston Christian dot O. R. G.. accidents and alternates coming up from the Gulf coast windows dot com traffic center this report is sponsored by Fred has Toyota world. the world today should I get a last call clearance price twenty nine games under special edition. excludes TTL and when the delivery of the proof credit based on thirteen eighty nine four thousand finance and nine thirty nineteen. he's newsradio seven forty Katie our range Houston. now the latest news weather and traffic from that Katie are a studio driven by joy right dot com helping car dealers daily a suspect is denied bond and the death of the Harris County deputy I'm Marjorie Martin it's ten o'clock on newsradio seven forty KJRH which traffic and weather together here Stephen foster. good news the wreck we had working on the inbound side of the southwest freeway at the west loop is clear traffic is still a little slow but on winding outbound on the Gulf freeway just getting worse from six ten down to the closure at Monroe and invest in the northwest freeway stop ago as you approach thirty fourth street I'm Stephen fonts the case here each bill because windows dot com twenty four hour traffic center. temperatures will stay above average heading into next week as far as this Sunday partly cloudy hi today of ninety one there will be a slight chance for a shower thunderstorm drifting in from the Gulf and an isolated shower storm tonight with a low.

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