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Eighteen dollars take it are you t take us tonight have no planned what did more i'd love to avoid his todd you went goes varga you'll go this guy trader all right now i wear it prophet johns cardinal stadium but john stadiums your it little by allows you to their this louisville team with lamar jackson a quarterback but here's the problem the march jackson has it faced a defense if fraud like he's going to face sandy which i agree we j probably the best in college football right now easily and the rush that he will face the look look and the other thing about louisville they can't stop it it's always been the wind calling court if you will of a openness pretreated team is they have no defense and you've got a very good quarterback at bryant at at clubs that he's doing an outstanding job i think he is able to absolutely abuse louisville's defense and and clubs it goes to little takes i'll the victory so mark will also take the fighing davos which i think important as we all know that you love deborah more than weapon so now and we all know that you hate dabbo no under that you hate mark it's been nip and tuck we only we don't have that was tabled ladies and gentlemen vital interests you pick i think what interests me there's no question it is the best deepens appointing football in clemson now as i said last week is starting to get on a level of few teams in the country alabama or the state house state michigan those type of teams that are getting that type account what why give a deep deep peace of front it's what's give the gift what does it no immobile quarterback because there's mobile quarterbacks and then there's quarterbacks it when a four three quarters he will be the fastest player in the ass he will be the here it will be the fastest split on the team to want he's averaging by himself 500 in five yards a game fast amen that's more indeed averaging more than eight averaging only twenty five teams are averaging more your words the whole team the march that half he has only on net yes what's at the end of the day i think clinton's offense would be more of an issue for lupus defense they will they will score at will.

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