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Of. It's more like a fudgy sort. Yes, top in a really good way from beginning to end. How long to make this I would say, like, through the oven and everything. I mean, it's gonna be over an hour, but a couple hours But couple of couple hours most on that's kind of expediting the process. I killed getting in the refrigerator for an ourselves, okay? Here's how you get this recipe and you get to see the pictures and all that stuff. It's recipe. Text the word recipe to the economic bridge talking Tex 985561616 20 text the word recipe, so it's simply the best Boston cream pie or cake. With chocolate glazed photos. I'm kind of proud of them this week. They look really nice. I hope I every year every every year. Every other week. I tried to mix it up a little bit, but you'll see the same table. I usually has more. Please will be over for seconds after the show. Text the word recipe R E C. Nobody who don't look at the text that it's funny. Say that's exactly what just happened. You poor person to six to try again. You will get the recipe. This is fantastic, Melissa. Done it again. Thank you. No, thank you. It's for 38. W T. M. J were sponsored by Annex wealth management. A flock of earnings reports a record GDP number, a spike in virus cases and an election right around the corner you but we've got a lot to talk about tomorrow at 10 on money, talk the annex.

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