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But anyways what you're gonna do 'em. Ron if you don't play the second clip of this speak pipe. I will never listen the show again or Santa speak piped-in. Anthony that wasn't funny. What you just said. So you're you know, we just talked about how I just I agree -able and do things. And of course, I'm gonna play the clip because he threatened something. I think you should dare him. I dare you a challenge. Mamola actually did us a solid this next lip. We usually talk about geek news. But I bypassed all that to get to the segment he breaks down some gig new. So we're going to a little bit of news right now with Matt Miller taken us through what's up jogging their nation. Matthew j is back again. This is part two of 'em. I speak type series. So thank you so much for sticking around. I know you're super excited. It's let's get right into the news. Are you wash them in black trailer with Tessa Thompson? And Chris Hemsworth? I don't know why anybody would go see this movie. It looks like shit. It is kinda cool. They're still working together. After or also have you seen men in black international? Saw the trailer. Chris Hemsworth, Tessa Thompson authority rock sequel Liam Niessen leading what you get what the hell boy movies unnecessary. Yeah. It didn't it didn't bring much. Anthony. What'd you what do you think? Do you like them in a black? You wanna see another one too? They need to make another one. Big men in black guy. So I don't really have much an opinion on either way love the first movie and the the world always found it too silly. There's A a lot lot you you could could do do. in that world. But whatever they're going to make this all the us trailer from Jordan peels new movie, I had goosebumps watching it. It looks frigging crazy horror riffing go check it out. So this is interesting because I just found out you like or. Trailer yesterday. What does this movie about from that trailer real quick? I don't know. Scary. Why can't you? It's less political commentary than it's less like racial commentary than his other movies more like genre. D'appel gators. That's right. It was the same person. Have you have you seen the trailer? It's like evil. Clones. What does the trailer of called us? It's Jordan peels follow up. I have nine outs that movie. Yes. I was like this is fun. I mean, it's his next for movie. I saw that. I was like I'm not watching that. Oh. I'm not. And who's the pussy who's calling me the pussy this kind of wanted horror movie? But I mean, there's there's a little like Hitchcock in vibe like the way was cut the stuff. He was doing little Stanley Kubrick ish that what we're seeing from him patrol teaser week. Cyborg looks really cool and trailer. I don't know why Justice league didn't do a simplified version like. In the do patrol trailer. They've added cyborg. Oh, that's I've worked the titans season. Finale. If you watch the there's a post credits scene also that has con CONNER Kent and crypto Super Bowl and the whole Batman versus Robin. Pretty crazy was it was crazy. But I don't want to spoil it. It was kind of it wasn't a thing. But it wasn't thing. But it was weird. Good ending this group of heroes. They can do a lot with this cast. I'm really interested to see how it plays out. George r Martin also wrote enough Ella about this night. Fire spaceship, it's on scifi, go check it out. Great series, really cool really trippy moving over to net. Flicks. We have Dr crystal remaking the worse with Mark Hamill any Sam version like we'll people. So if you go check it out hero mask is an anime series. They made I just finished ad really good. And also bird box is a book that I read a while ago. Native made that into a movie with Sandra Bullock, which is a cool little thriller. Okay. The book wasn't a copy of quiet. No, it's an adaptation of a book Sophia. And I and the fan when they were over for the holidays, we randomly watch this bird box on Netflix. Starring Sandra Bullock, and John malkovich's in it's Sarah Paulson. It's actually pretty good. It's the happening meets the quiet place. All right. Okay. So you start out and there are scenes where Sandra Bullock in these two kids are blindfolded, and she's just she's giving them orders. Do what I say..

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