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Systems development program nine rural hospitals were chosen to receive the grant money senator richard shelby says the improvements in pickens county will bring a positive impact to the community and surrounding area to fatalities are being reported as a result of subtropical depression alberto a news reporter and his cameraman were killed near tryon north carolina due to the effects of alburto the two were covering parts of the storm when a tree uprooted from the rain soaked ground and fell on their suv mike mccormick and aaron smeltzer were killed instantly former president george h w bush remains hospitalized after missing out on being part of a memorial day tradition ninety three year old bush was hospitalized sunday after showing signs of low blood pressure and fatigue bush was unable to participate in the memorial day parade in kenan bunk port maine bush's played a part in that event for years the world war two pilot was able to be part of a pancake breakfast at the local american legion hall a day before his hospitalization we'll get your coffee early today starbucks coffee houses will be closing early this afternoon employees in more than eight thousand us stores will undergo racial bias and sensitivity training the franchise is trying to avoid another incident from happening like the one in philadelphia a couple months ago where two black customers were forced to leave this news is brought to you by attorney alexander shinohara a man for the people for more alabama stories go to yellowhammer news dot com i'm andrea thais attorney general steve marshall a tough prosecutor who's fighting alongside president trump to a the rule of law steve marsh eliza foists for the most vulnerable like michaela hello my name is michaela growing up my father molested my sisters and me it was a horrifying experience that no child should have to endure my father hired a high powered attorney in vowed to defied the charges i felt powerless then i met steve marshall who was our district attorney at the time after meeting steve marshall i knew i had an advocate a champion in my corner steve marshall made it his personal responsibility to ensure that justice was served now my father is behind bars and i've been able to grow up without the fear of being hurt again attorney general steve marshall is a good man he'll be the voice for victims republican steve marshall fighting for alabama eight four by steve.

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