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So that's why wouldn't it wouldn't. That's why it's almost a better ending that he lived in this pain knowing he didn't fully complete emission. He's still a data's family. That's what makes kind of depressing. Tell me what do you might take on? He's a TV expert. He's my TV guide to give back to thrones. I think it's going to be not in the middle in terms of no resolution. No there will be a resolution, but it won't be a total. Good one. And we'll be a total bad one. It's going to be where I think they'll defeat the the walkers, and and the the others save John. It's them. But I think John if he's laugh he'll be without Dinara. He'll be without some of his family. So like Georgia Martin has alluded to that it won't be it won't be a happy ending. But that's fine that the shows go, what's what's the shows go through? And so in the end someone needs to claim the throne joining us to win that. And so I don't care whether he's whether he doesn't have his girlfriend with care about. Well, I think they'll make people if half the cast is dead, even though they beat the white walkers. You're like, oh, but all my favorite characters are gone, and they're living in the case hallway through this show. That's not anyone's surprised by the that, maybe Terry and might get slayed at the end of this. Then. He they've made they've made it a weekly habit. Sure lose all. But if you just bring up teary and inhabit because I'm thinking hobbit and hobbits have told that that's the one that gets compared to. So you cannot if you are the storytellers of game of thrones. You must avoid any comparisons. So first of all Tyrian must die. You can't have the little fella taking the throne -tarian in the hobbit is like a direct correlation, not direct. But it's it's the it's the easy physical underdog story to tell. So that one's out that he can't win, but he has on snow's already gotten killed. So he so for him to parish would be weirdly definitely be alive at the end of this. He has to be because he's already dead want. So weird bid a redundancy to kill him. I think we can see the hound is going to kill them out. Right. Then get killed then there will be a they'll be zombie. They'll be zombie mountain was on behalf or no way to second. I'm gonna make some bold predictions here as we're thinking through here the hound is going to get killed by the mountain. But then are stark aria stark will kill the the mountain. How about this how the mountain kills the hound then the hound tons into a Walker and kills the mountain as a dead hound. That's the that's the wildcard you never know like who's gonna turn up blue and dead. You know, and with the is looking in different like zombie. Yes. Who's hungry? You know, he's not mean, he doesn't he doesn't know. He doesn't know what he's doing. He's just going. He's just doing. He's got a good needs some food on his stomach. No spaghetti. You mentioned the sopranos, and I see a note here, and you're very fine rundown. Spaghetti knows the person who killed the New York. Mafia, boss, the US? Did you guys see that story? Yes. So we saw that is the end of the sopranos, basically. So you'll saying you'll friend was the guy who ran don't not go there by no this wasn't a contract hit though. This was a it was called the dumbest murder in the history of murders. This is a love trying. He just like a some girl in the family of that boss..

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