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Make some plays air so i think those guys are gonna have a big say this. I also believe giovane holland. I mean when you look at what he did in college. That was a huge part of his game. He played a ton of snaps at nickel but the way he wasn't that run game whether was getting off blocks but it was just putting a hit on the running back. Don't on those holes. I mean driven hollandse. An factor news run game. But we can't sit here and overlook what. Brian floors thinks about landon. Robertson osama guava. Because i sat here in. Praise bernard mckenna. I said how much i love. that movie. there's tweets all round saying how he was going to be the key to this. Dolphins run defense. I got egg on my face. It won't be the last time. I'll probably gonna face assumes wrap up this podcast but i think it just goes to say how much this coaching staff believes. Roberts believes in. Santa guava in and i mean we can talk about that. One play against the chargers right. Jake where was it Where elena roberts went in and just bulldoze through what two three guys in to attack literally guy. Another dude tackled with those a rei. Yeah i'm pretty sure it was. It was malcolm brown. Yep you met. His met his former team. My bad yet face see told you. Wow that is that is incredible. That is the foresight josh. Let me let me get your picks for this weekend so he can win a couple of bucks yet. Josh one hundred percent. Right year. Where i think that the fact that i don't i'm going to stick with this. I don't think miami's run. Defense is going to be good but when you look back to last season how strongest was against Third down situations in general. I think there were six in the league. In terms of third down defense third and short. You're running the ball. I think this team just kind of knows how to operate the knows. They know where to kind of stick with their weaknesses and where they could really be aggressive. Especially passing bounce josh. I can't believe it. It is a breaking news. Jake i got breaking news. I don't you do it ready for this. You're ready because twitter is going to be a hell hole today your captains for the two thousand twenty one season. A landon roberts. Jessie davis clayton fa- genitalium. I butcher dynamic eggo my face again. Mac collins and jason mccourty. Do you hear a name. That's missing office. List jake and is going to cause twitter to go. Ballistic byles gaskin. Heidi not the best professional on this team. On the i was gonna say john was going to say Starting received came grant blue. Yeah no we gotta make our own. Because i i think you are completely missing the point. Here I think jason sanders needs to be a captain. Yeah yeah there. There's some major issues with you. You know what. I'm getting away with your are going to go five and twelve now. It's not it's dolphins are not. It's not gonna look without seeing to that captain. Everyone's going to say here. I don't even this has got its twitter. Is you know how big of a deal this is gonna be when it's not a big deal on it just probably speaks testaments but some of those other guys have done. I mean atlanta roberts. Jason mccourty right there. Those are two brian floors. Guys know through thick and thin so Dolphins twitter man. It's it's going to be a channel so think of it this way. There's no second year buyers and i don't think there are any thirty plays. Is it user all veterans yet. These are all going to be a senior the old head senior. It's the rule. I call them without a doubt without a doubt. You're telling me mccourty isn't damn house. This is going to be his fourth beer. Jason macoris thirty four dude. Oh i'm older than him. I turn thirty. Damn all right i would. I would be a team captain on the dolphins that sake. I bit so yeah. You're gonna go back to the. i think. Just say that everything you need to be a senior or higher. Show us the lie. That's just funny though that i'm older than pretty much. Everyone on the dolphins as said so as josh falls apart over here. I think it'd be nice idea of touch about what we're gonna discussing the preview again. I thought it'd be good to friday specially because let's get into it off. The jackson added shaheen cope list. I think she could play jackson. I think started the air. Just another thing. I think we should really get into his. What bill belichick. And the patriots gonna take away from the miami dolphins cough conquer tight ends and then also josh to think this will be a good idea to get in because a lot of people are talking about this. George godsey studs bill. That's the conversation berry rejects actually. Had a good story on this but did brian for no. This was going to be the plan for the miami dolphins offense coordinator all throughout last year. Because you think of the fact that it's miles gasket That things sound a lot like they did last year. It's just different. So i have to kind of start to think to myself that you know we say so. Often like a new x amount of coordinators or four offense coordinators in four years. Whatever it may be. Is it timely. Kind of re adjust how we look at pessimistic when we can see situation like this where maybe brian or is new chan gailey. You're gone after year. These are my two guys. We're gonna have offense that just works together and it's gonna be built in the same language where it doesn't have that first year offensive coordinators because that's kind of what i'm hearing when i read all these stories..

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