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Now words all right welcome back to guntalk tom gresham here obviously is just a ton of conversation this recoba really in the wake of the attack the shootings in las vegas people getting polarized going to you you're the corners people say unbelievable amount of misinformation being presented as fact which hours it's frustrating to me i was able to watch a meet the press this morning watching my congressman conference steve scalise on their fabulous job we're incredibly fortunate to have the majority whip us house of representatives and of course the man who was shot during an assassination attack in our our attempt in washington dc join me right now is congressman steve scalise congressman thank you for being here we're going to be with or good we we were were people should there were actually only about thirty miles apart your car on the on the south loop archtraitor all right out operate a suburb in orlando uh exactly everybody ko got it hard yep that's what we think about them they idea we were all hunker down and then when they took a turn and we're okay but you're that's where those deals yours hate because you were born i'm sure and bear that we're okay but that means somebody else got hit yeah well that you're well tough sir yep i i'm watching the your interview with chuck todd smart again it was amazing he cried to trip you up on a couple of things and you were so good not just talking about your and i know the media once you because you've got shot in this attack to be anti gun and you're so good at presenting the information epportunity ah the.

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