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If you're an Andy for the 500 drop by and see them at their beautiful flagship store or just visit them online at Roberts camera dot com. Either way, the great folks at Roberts will take very good care of you. Just like they have for generations. They've got all the gear, the mega stores have at competitive prices, and most ownership free. And don't forget their sister company at used photo pro dot com. Next. I had to go back and look, but amazingly, it's been nearly 7 years now, since I got my first backdrops from my friend me still on at gravity backdrops. They were a small startup company then. And now gravity has the largest selection of high quality hand painted, ready to ship backdrops in the world. There's a big name out there charges many thousands of dollars for their backdrops, but not gravity. Photography is expensive enough. These are the same or better quality at a fraction of the price. And they're used by some of today's top photographers like Lindsey Adler, John grass, Justin Batman, and more. Every gravity backdrop is created using multiple layers in colors of acrylic paint, applied to 450 grain Italian duck canvas with a variety of brushes, mops, sponges, rags, and other tools to create a rich luminous complex layered backdrop. That looks like backdrops many times it's cost. Whether it's their classic backdrops, which are consistently in stock and available if you need matching sets of different sizes or their limited edition backdrops of truly special, one of a kind backdrops. Hit the show notes or head on over to gravity backdrops, U.S. dot com to see these excellent works of art to help you up your portrait game. They're available at 8 sizes four levels of texture and many color family. So don't you think you deserve one? I think you do. Next. If you're a Fuji X shooter like me, I think you're gonna be super happy to hear that viltrox is just announced their new air cutter AF 75 millimeter F 1.2 portrait prime. And the price is insane. In a good way. I had to check and make sure it wasn't a typo, but nope, they're really pricing this thing super, super competitively. Viltrox says that this new large aperture prime is the result of years of deep cultivation of optical technology. That's their words and makes use of Hoya's special nitrate material imported from Japan. Although they didn't say exactly how they utilize that material. The company also goes on to say, quote, with an F 1.2 super large aperture, it also features advanced autofocus performance, as well as professional handling and reliability. The image quality has been improved in an all round way, forging phenomenal clear picture quality and the ultimate beautiful virtual experience. End quote.

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