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Your life easier because you won't have to explain. Why you can't do something or why you might be tired and I feel like it. It has done that. I feel like having people know does allow you to say you know what I need to rest your you know. And people get it but it is definitely, very difficult choice. and again he's so lucky that he had the support that he had with all of you. I'm glad you did because really what it does is it separates the pack and it allows those people that want to support you to come to your aid and be there for you and those that have a problem with it. Just kind of go away and you really don't need them anyway. Sir. Now. Need that now not at all. So what? The two questions I want to ask everyone today is. What's your favorite thing about Howard? What drove you crazy. and. What do you want people to get out of this dome? I'll start with the last one I because that's the easiest. I hope that people what people get from this film is feeling like they met Howard and I think don has succeeded in large part in that way I mean every every documentary about a person's life is a bit of a portrait is like an artist painting, a picture of that person they capture a moment in time or a gesture or something significant about them that tells you a part of them, but it's not the whole person but because don used. So much of what he found a of Howard actually speaking to people and and talking about his work. I think it gives you a really broad spectrum of what he was like in that portrait granted. It's still just you know a portrait but I think people. Who who never got the chance to meet him have something of an experience of meeting him I. Love that. What I what I loved about Howard is is his obviously his talent, his ambition, his drive I just loved him and admired him and I think what most people didn't realize just how generous he was how how inclusive how he wanted everyone to go on this great ride with him. Every project that that he did whether it was an. Theater. Or film was about a community effort a group that that would sort of. He would even have the vision and he would try and sell that vision to everybody in the group and then said, you know it was kind of like come on. Let's go do it and it made it fun for a lot of people Jodi we'll talk about that I'm sure I'm how he sort of. Took people along with him on the ride. That was just something that's extraordinary in people and I've been around the arts in my whole life through architecture. But I've always known people in music and dance and theatre is just been something that I'm drawn to and Howard heads such an exceptional gift in in that way. What drove me nuts about him I don't know all the. listed. Yeah. Yeah. He was he. You know he's determined. He was intense he he was really persistent on things and but but he was pretty easy to live with You know he just sort of let me do the cleaning which he didn't care about. He loved clean. Orderly House and I do too. But I'm the one that that really cares about it more..

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