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Dallas cowboys. I'm going to rip eleven through fifteen and just grabbed two that interest here eleven to the giants devante smith wide receiver from alabama. Let's stick with alabama with the twelfth. Pick pat 'certain junior pertain. The second the second or junior. I always get that i always do that. Up the second the second patch retain the second so going to the eagles. The eagles play that beautifully. They trade out from six to twelve. They still get the top corner in the draft 'certain than thirteen a little mini run on corners here. The chargers the assumption offensive. Line up. man. They need corner as well. Jc horn Premier premiere talent. He goes at thirteen to the chargers. Jalen phillips fourteen to the minnesota. Vikings and fifteen mike parsons. Linebacker penn state to the new england patriots to name. Stand out first and talk about the heisman trophy Going to the new york giants. The giants are all in on trying to upgrade the personnel around you channels so they can evaluate him and see if he is the franchise quarterback going forward. The of gives them a playmaker. Someone who was skewed route runner. And we've seen it. He gets open versus everybody. Giving them a bit open. Specialists were certainly helped daniel jones and the other pick jalen phillips going fourteen to the minnesota vikings minnesota vikings need another pass rusher. Look they were hamstrung because they didn't have. Anthony barr some of the other defensive weapons you now give phillips who was a technician at the point of attack helps them a teammate. A playmate opposite of danielle hunter on the other side. Those guys go hunt together Sixteen through twenty. I'll rip them off. Just give me one that stands out. I've got jalen waddell going to the arizona cardinals met. It'd be fun to watch him there. Seventeen the raiders. Go to linebacker jeremiah. We'll core amoah from notre dame. Gus bradley requires a lot of speeding athleticism ability to cover in that defense. They get it. miami dolphins stay local at eighteen. They get greg russo. Who there's a chance could slide a little bit with a little bit tight. Obits stiff in his workout The jumps weren't all that explosive. but go. i remind you just go back and look at the ten time there and look at how big and how long he is I'm still a fan of rousseau. Nineteen alleged vera. Tucker from usc he goes to the washington. Football team could really played left tackle for them as a rookie before eventually sliding inside When they can address at position. And then twenty greg newsom against dan right there in chicago. He goes to the bears from northwestern very talented core. Yeah talented list..

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