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Palace to win tickets. Visit the contest page. Voda? The morning show continues. Now with Brian says. Yeah, good morning. Tighten up Tuesday. We're tightening everything that's the whole world's gonna get tightened up. We got the ratchet set out. We're ready to roll here. Good luck with that tightening up the whole world. Now, we can we can do it. We can do it. So let's talk about trains, they will talk about planes, and that will get an automobiles, but with trains, you've got this coast Starlight, you may have heard the top of the news. But the coast Starlight it runs from Seattle all the way to Los Angeles up and down the coast, and it's an Amtrak operation, and I did this once it was the worst travel experience of my life. You guys have heard me talk about this before. Oh, yeah. We had. Well, let's let's let's take it all the way through we start in San Jose. We're going to Santa Barbara. It's not. I mean, that's the crow flies AK as the crow flies. Look it up. Okay. Okay. San Jose to Santa Barbara. We got the whole family. This is going to be the big family trip. Okay. Me like we got like twenty of us. Maybe even more. We're all taken this thing. We're all excited. So we start in San Jose. And first thing we notice is that the trains like super late. It's. Generally speaking, we're used to to plane travel where if a if a plane is going to be five minutes late. They let you know an hour ahead of time. But this thing was had already been like fifteen twenty minutes. And so I I go up to the train person. And I say trained person, what's what's going on with his cO Starlight? We're we're set to leave at such and such a time. And now, it's fifteen minutes past such and such a time and the lady looks at me and says oh. You know? I don't know. It's always an hour late. Oh, okay. It's always an hour late. All right. So there's the first start. So now, it's not an hour late. It's like I think it was probably ninety minutes late. So we get on and. Five days, Bryan, Bryan geared at this point. It's what we're late and we're heading down the track. I can't remember how far out of San Jose. We were not far train comes to a complete stop in the middle of nowhere. Just in the middle of nowhere. And we're looking around trying to figure out what's happening. Well, as it turns out somebody had dumped a refrigerator on the track. That was the first start. Okay. They gotta get the refrigerator off the track. That's not where those belong. And then a little later down the line. It was like there was a fire on the track like a homeless encampment or something like that. And so now, I mean, we're just late and we're late or later, then there's this coup on the train. I mean, this was the freaky est. Looking dude. He he was he became an internet sensation. I think he's since died, but he was the catman. This guy literally had multiple plastic surgeries to make himself. Look like a cat. Complete with whiskers. The dude was just it was exhibit. Oh my gosh. It's just creepy is creeping all the little kids out. And then the guy's literally. He's eating cat Kibble. Dennis avner. Oh was he a sicko? We're here with his mind. Something happened to weigh in November of two thousand twelve his his mind. I tell you nasty. So I don't know what happened to the poor guy. But something happened. And he just went down this road of plastic surgery. Looks like cats he's all with the freaking out all the little kids and the adults are freaked out too. But we don't say anything kids are just petrified. They don't know what to do and all of his whiskers were piercings. Oh, yeah. And his he had he has his nails grown out on his hands like claws, and he had things implanted. It was just great description cherish see bizarre is on the ground. Oh, yeah. No. Can you imagine you're a little kid 'cause we had young kids with us? The kids are totally freaked out. It was not a good X was not a pleasant experience. And how do you how do you coach him down after that? You have to explain it's not Halloween. Oh my gosh. So that I mean that trip was just the most we all swore. We were we were dreading going back. He didn't. Fortunately, the ride back wasn't so bad. But the right down there was just miserable. So where we go with this. There is a train up in Oregon right now, it's the it's the same dang train. And it's stranded up in Oregon because of all this massive snow. That's been falling up there. So they've got one hundred Eighty-three passengers and not only that have they been slowed by the snow. But then there was a tree that fell on the tracks. This was six fifteen Sunday. Well, they're still suck up there. They're I mean, they're running out of food. They're running out of supplies. So this is coming in a training can just get off of. No because you're out in the middle of nowhere. I mean, no roads out there. No roads. So you're you're stuck and they airlifts them out or something I want I well, I so bad. I don't even know how you could do a helicopter. I don't know about the terrain in that area. Either. That's that's frightening. It's horrible. That would be miserable. Now that train story to this traits are because we have wondering about this. So Kim Jong Hoon is taking a train from Pyongyang Korea to Hanoi Vietnam for this summit with Trump, and we were saying it's probably just a couple of our flight. We'll actually be more than a couple of our flight. It's about seventeen hundred miles. So. It would be an error. You know by air, you could do it and what three hours or something like that about? But the bottom line is this guy's taking a train. I not sure exactly I don't know all the reasons for the train travel. But I can't tell you this the trains are this is just how they're stuck in the dark ages. The trains are a big deal for the Korean leaders. And they've got these trains that are totally outfitted. I mean there as luxury as luxury could possibly be. And and it's completely bulletproof train bulletproof bomb proof. It's just an incredible thing. But I mean, it's like the dark ages. So he's taking this train. And because the train is so big and the train is so heavy and for security reasons, it's only traveling thirty five miles an hour. So to get to if you were to look at a map to get from. North Korea to Vietnam you've got to you've got to go through China. China is North Korea's only friend the only ally. And I guess if you were going to have one ally better be China because they're right next to you. And they're bigger than Hewlett. They could wipe you out. So they're traveling through China. And then he takes he'll take a car after he gets off the train for another several miles. It's just bizarre. So that's why it's taken this guy so long to get there. And that's why he's going by train a lot of it has to do with security because he's just so paranoid about people. Try to take about crazy stuff. So that's why we start trains now. What about planes? Fly fly fly. Well. They fly. Well, so let's see some of the stuff. We're gonna talk about. I did not know that you know, the the left was so up in up in arms about Trump and his tax returns. Never that. All these Democrats were just he's got to release his tax returns. I didn't realize Bernie Sanders had never released his. So you would have thought that, you know, his same supporters who were demanding Trump release his why didn't they ever just turn? It around say Bernie, you need a release yours so smells like a hypocrite. Yeah. It's really interesting. I wonder what there is to hide. So and he's you'll hear him. He was on CNN. Well, we we've up I think we're going to have to hire it accounting because my wife's the one who does it also. We'll just we're going to get out. Of course, she does you socialist. Right. Right. Right. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Aloe. So we got that story for you share got up a multitude of other stories that that are just kind of interesting one having to do with the the tesla model s. I didn't know that the tesla that crashed on Sunday actually involved a. Fatality. And just like that crash that involved a fatality with a tesla. What a year or two ago in San Jose. Once it was put in the toe yard it caught fire again several times that one battery eighty-five. Yup. Same deal battery catching on fire safety. I wonder who this guy is the East Bay driver who got to speeding tickets and eleven minutes yesterday on five eighty. He was on a mission. Oh that you were talking about scooters at San Jose State. They've banned them. Well, they should ban. It everywhere. The lime scooters. Oh, yeah. There's a little glitch. You could be going at a high speed even downhill no said the brakes going to go on. Echo called getting launched its five. Fifteen. Good morning. Glad you're with us. Oh in traffic.

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