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We have is Ahah Simmons on the line right now and Isaiah. Simmons is joining us on behalf of Verizon Isaiah. Good morning thanks for joining us. Our you guys doing. We're doing really good You've got a bigger night than we have tonight so How are you feeling about nine? Thirty five this morning about how. It's going to go down a little bit later this evening. I'm really excited Kind of like a dream come to finally become a reality so won't close on Daddy But other than that kind of noise as I've been watching a lot of your tape and as I've been telling our audience here New York over the last couple of weeks. There's something that extremely sudden about you. I mean you get yourself involved in a lot of different things whether you're blitz and the quarterback whether you're intercepting the ball forcing fumbles making tackles along the sideline running running backs down wide receivers down tight ends down. Leads me to the biggest question for you is how do you see yourself in the NFL? What position and what scheme best fits you Obviously after like I really fit any teams just because of the different Bingo new and different divisions but Ideally I say if I can put like it's the role I played in college kind of regained entire Matthew talking to Isaiah Simmons on boomer and Geo the draft such a huge moment in a football career. Isaiah was planning to be with a huge group of family members and friends but because of everything. That's going on not able to be altogether but verizon is helping with the next best thing making that I share some of the biggest news of his life so I know it's an exciting night pretty a little bit bomb that it can't be you know you in a suit and the Roger Goodell Hug in Vegas and all of that I mean. Is that something that you're going to be missing tonight? Yeah I definitely I definitely am You know like I said has accused going. That's something that you always dream of Iraq across the stage Shaping the Commission. His hand but You know it's GonNa be a life changing moment something I've always done so But you know I. I've heard that the NFL has shipped all thirty. Two hats to each of the perspective Draftees for tonight's draft. Is there a particular that you like more than the others? I honestly haven't looked through the mall yet but Yeah I I. Which one did you put on? First Avenue one on yet all right the boomer and Geo with Isaiah seven so giants are a team that we talk about all the time here in New York. Of course they're a team. It's been rumored to be Taking you in mock drafts. If you're paying attention these mock draft so what what's your opinion of the The New York giants organization.

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