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That's right the we're manner. Yeah so let me tell you. I started watching the show. Because it's that's why. That's why and i was gay through casual conversation. Well maybe molly mentioned it to me. Okay i want to stress this. When when some good enga- you need to like really tell me about it. You can't be just saying oh there's a little like we really tell me about it. Okay so i didn't mean to come in so hot on this obsession so it's a scary show. Here's what i'll say so. I know that the opinions that i had read and had been told about whereas that it's not really that scary gave me a lot. I feel like it is scary. But it's it's good. It's good and it's interesting. Let me back the fuck up. So it's about setting the eighties. It's about primarily this opere named danny and she is becoming the pair of two kids. Some mysterious circumstances in this english countryside manner called blind and the caretaker or the Guess legal guardian of these kids is named henry and he lives in the city and he's an alcoholic and it's clear that like never goes to bligh and they kind of have this lake. What's the catch sort of thing. Where like he's suspicious of her motivations. She's suspicious of his but they know they both but they both are kind of like this. This even ground and so she learns that the circumstances are that their parents have died and their nanny or their last au pair somewhat recently killed herself and so she goes to block under these circumstances. And we don't know really her motivations but we see some stuff were like. something's wrong. danny seems so chill but something is definitely up with her. And so it's spooky. it's cool. I think like there's some twists. I'd like totally didn't see coming and i just kind of like really enjoyed it. I thought it was probably like three episodes too long. But i i did. It got a little surprisingly slow towards the end but they're also like really wonderful. It's got a wonderful gaze. Storyline like like like the the the romancing. The primary love story is is between Danny and somebody else. I want that away but it's beautiful. Their relationship is wonderful. Their chemistry's is great. The relationship is built on trust and mutual support. And it's really beautiful. It's not toxic. it's not problematic. it's just wonderful. it's it's hundred percent grade non toxic relationship. He was seeing beef. I mean it's good. It's relationship is beefing you good. It's shushi grade tuna a really His son right okay. It's it's i would say it's like a little tragic but not really and the person who can convince me of that is of course. Rowen ellis is how you surname youtuber. Who hannah keep sending videos of every time i watch. She'll be my obsession. One of these days. I started watching videos..

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