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Know that all lives don't matter the black lives matter. Even black lives members are saying now that the corporate part of black lives matter leaving behind. So there's there's there's a that that that is being so to keep people divide it. And i hope that's why i'm saying. The leadership of this date has to come together take statement. This is about a fair and transparent elections if they take it this time and we lay down we've lost. Our country was the last man standing between chaos and community and now if the senate goes glen this country goes. I asked you on election night. Why are you still a democrat. I leave my part of my party. Left me but i can tell you that. I'm getting fed up with the democratic party. Because they're a part of the crowd include. Stacey abrams of this so-called. I call it unfair fight. They're the ones who disenfranchising voters but not wanting the recount not wanting This the all of the irregularities being reviewed their part of disenfranchising black. Both of many blacks voted for president trump. And they want their vote counted as well It doesn't matter what party i am. What matters is that. I find what i believe in fight but people but i will say this I'm getting fed up with the democratic party so stay tuned. State rep bobby jones from georgia. Thank you very much. Appreciate it sir. This this guy is bet. This guy has been so brave the whole time. He came out and supported trump Couple years ago. I think it was. Maybe it was just a year ago. Time goes by so fast. now. I don't even know what day it is But he's been. He's been incredible the whole time he has been. He has no loyalty to party. Zero know. that's what i want. I want out of politicians. I want them not to be loyal to a party. And with a loyal to the ideas the principles and very rarely. Does that happen anymore. So what are the principles of either party seriously. Yeah i hear. The parties again are just vehicles to win elections. No i know that. But i mean the the should be the vehicle that is driving the principles you know what i mean or yeah i mean it should not taking those principles in advancing them exactly right now all. That's being advanced his power You know and that's the problem. I think most people have is what i mean. Who do you who do you. Who do you trust. Do you really trust the gop. Now do i trust the democrats know because the democrats have been eaten by marxists. They're gone and the ones that remain want a one party system. So no thank you. No thank you I you know. that's i think the thing that people liked about donald trump was he was outside of the system he didn't really have any friends And it was because he was trying to do what he felt. The people wanted And that just does not sit well with people who are going to lose money and power and that's what those parties are all about this one in georgia however if you are a conservative or if you just would like to balance things out a little bit and make sure. There's not an open runway for them just to launch plane after plane after plane to be able to attack our constitution and our principles and values. We need those two seats. Those two seats must go to republicans. Both would be really good. You need at least one. I just feel at least one. I think and then you get a thai. Thai would get you fifty fifty one forty nine republicans however that means you have you depend on lisa murkowski for every vote collins for every vote. It romney for every vote which is not a good place to be. I feel like with this georgia election. Because obviously understandably people have been more focused on the presidential situation. We have a few more weeks here before georgia but we're all kind of like standing on the edge of a cliff on with one leg and we're kind of like well. We think the wind is blowing towards the safe side. I mean it could blow us over the cliff. We are on the edge of the abyss. Here yeah this is like slightest wind if this goes the wrong way we are in a situation where the democrats control everything and will they go ahead and pass to get rid of the filibuster. I mean i would not be surprised at all. Certainly if they had. Why would you be surprised. I mean the woman who is the head of the o. m. b. one of the problems with her is your tendon yet to one of the problems with her is she was. She's radical of radicals. she's from the center american progress. She was one of the people that said. The democrats shouldn't fear of the republicans And and fear the american people anymore. They should just rule by executive order. Now she's in charge of the budget which means she's in charge of all of the little levers and switches for all of the government agencies. So that's their real plan is to get control of the The cabinet and all of the agencies to be able to switch things remember. She was the lead architect or one of the lead architects on obamacare. She was the one who said. Let's let the secretary decide what that's going to be. Remember how open that thing was where it was all. It all went to secretary's discretion. Well that's because it leaves all of the options on the table for an administrator to come in and screw the american people if they want run it the way they want to run it. Not the way you've been promised she's the architect of that If she gets in. It's a huge sign. They are going to ram everything through and it's not going to go through. Congress is just going to go through executive order and that's the important thing to understand about near attendant in that like on paper. It's a very weird choice right. She's got a very long public record of controversial comments. She's she's you know. Sort of a twitter troll and so she has all sorts of stuff she deleted over a thousand tweets since this started here in the last couple of weeks but in addition to that not only do conservatives dislike her for many a very valid reasons. She's also kind of hated by the bernie group. Like oh yes. I mean she was. She was a big clinton person. So the she got in fights all the time with the bernie bros. and she says she's not liked by the far left and she's not liked by the right. It's hard to see really what she brings to the table. With the exception of what you just described an expertise in a form of government that we don't really have right which is to make administrators. Sort of run everything. What sort of power can we suck out of this system. That was not intended but is available to grab right and that goes against everything that we are that makes no one responsible. You can't vote them out. You can't vote the congress out you can't vote the senate out cam. Vote the president. Or if you do doesn't matter these are now all the rules that have been set by all of these little. You know Dare i say it dark government or shadow government kind of Kind of people. Remember the choices with joe biden. We're one of two really one. Is he going to give it up. Many willing to give up the ghost. And then just the marxist will take over kamala harris or willie hold the line. And he's just using those guys and he's putting in all of the clinton people which the clinton people and the obama people same people that Were running this shadow government. That's where you get all of the people that you can't fire that are screwing up the intelligence community screwing up the justice department. 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