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What'S THE PRICING. I suppose now. And where you aiming for it to be shot so I mean we had up. I Brown shrimp dumpling launch around March April last year. And that pointed it about five thousand dollars per kilogram so a couple of dumplings caused a couple of hundred dollars so that was what it is from Debbie if come down to about two thousand five hundred dollars currently which is says as a huge jump but it's still not affordable so in the next eight to ten months we are actually bringing down the cost about fifty dollars a kilogram. When how we doing this is like I mentioned swapping out ingredients with blonde base. That's in house but they've actually partnered up with the with two of the biggest one of the biggest pharmaceutical industries in the world to actually make this happen for us and at the same time it also partnering with another company that has a proprietary technology to kind of navigate out external additions of any pro teams because the protein is the most expensive competent in this nutritional tradition. That CD sells There is a way of producing it by the cells themselves because inside of anonymous body. Nobody's really feeding it. I say other than the food it eats but a lot of the secretary factors is from the cells then styles. This company has a day -nology to capture that sick factor that the cells have and make the cells grow with Dr Itself. Yeah that sounds amazing. What is the value or the importance of doing? Rnd Right now well. Setting up the manufacturing and doing that peril at parallel right so as to set up a manufacturing plant it takes about twelve to eighteen months. You know from the time you start a flop plant. Follow team the funding for then. Do the flaw plan put in the equipment. Orders all of these equipments on made to order Customized in some instances so data. Take a couple of months to be made shipped over to you so given the timeline of twelve to eighteen months. We are looking at reassured that OP product will be at a price point of fifty dollars per kilogram which has come which we can visualize with by the next eight to ten months to given. That's the time line. We have to start setting up our manufacturing plant by Louis so that when the price point is low and we scaled up technology. The manufacturing plant basically ready..

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