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I'm Deborah Rodriguez. Protesters are flooding the streets of Louisville, Kentucky, or a grand jury has indicted one of three police officers involved in Briana Taylor's death. Nate Attorney General Daniel Cameron Detective Hankins and fired his weapon 10 times, including from a outside Sliding glass door and through a bedroom window. Jensen is charged with wanton endangerment in the first degree punishable by up to five years in prison. CBS's Alison Keys, the CP Tweets, Grand Jury and Diets, one out of three police officers and Briana Taylor death. This is not what justice for Briana Taylor looks like. Indivisible guide. Former congressional staffers tweets Briana Taylor was murdered, Hard stop and this is not justice. She should be alive today, and her killer should have been fired and prosecuted for her murder. The lack of accountability is staggering. Taylor a Blackie Mt. Had been sleeping inside her apartment when officers entered on a no knock warrant in a narcotics investigation. I didn't find any drugs inside at the Supreme Court is Marla. Hundreds have come to say goodbye to Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, whose casket now sits atop the massive courthouse steps. CBS's Skylar, Henry Leland Curry, Talman and Renee Bobbitt came from Florida to pay their respects so many of the things that we take for granted as women and people You know she was instrumental in providing, so that's that's really why we felt like we had to be here. President Jump is expected to come to the Supreme Court to pay his respects to Justice Ginsberg tomorrow, Chief Justice Roberts opened the mourning period, calling Ginsberg a rock star. President Trump holds a ceremony at the White House to honor veterans of the 1961 Bay of Pigs invasion Looking good Thief president marveled at the vitality of the aging Cuban exiles set nearly 60 years ago by the CIA to topple the Castro regime. Good looking people in Cuba Thie event celebrating the veterans of the unsuccessful Bay of Pigs invasion. Was a not too veiled effort to appeal to Florida's Cuban population, Mr Trump pointed to polls signaling Joe Biden is underperforming Hillary Clinton among Florida Hispanics, he says. That's a shock to pundits. They don't know what's happening. I guess they didn't know I love you. Stephen Portnoy. CBS NEWS Washington Johnson and Johnson stock jumps as it kicks off the final phase of a Corona virus vaccine trial, CBS NEWS Medical Contributor Dr David Vegas. It's an easier vaccine that other vaccines and that this vaccine is one shot and the other vaccines have been two shots normally spaced 3 to 4 weeks apart. Certainly there is encouragement about this vaccine because you can get a significant immune response down down for 47. This is CBS News. You can listen to CBS News.

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