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To me the others. They don't apology to this president your apology to the Republican Party. They are apology to the country. Because they have participated in the propagandizing. The attack on people who are who are innocents. I'm not talking about the people. Rushed the Capitol building. Of course I'm talking about All those people on radio on TV you the Internet bloggers who all raised serious questions about what was taking place. Seriously. Questions about it was in our face. We saw it. I'm not talking about the cook stuff. I'm talking about the real stuff. And now it's all been underscored by this article by the people who did it. And you're right. Every one of those At least Republican senators should have this document and what are they going to say about it? What are they going to say? Are they going to use it? I don't think they will. I don't think the SAS is of the world and the Romneys of the world. Give a damn do you Uh, I'm not gonna try and read their minds, but some, it's not hard. They're very transparent. What's had taught me there's still hope something inside me still hopes that they care about the truth at some level mark and that, and there are 6500 words of truth in this time magazine article All right. Well, thanks for everything. We very much appreciate it. That's Rahim Kasan the national pulse and take care of yourself. Keep up the good work. You too. Thank you, Mark. All right now, Mr. Producer. I want to take this Time magazine article. I want to put it on my website. Mark Levin show dot com. All right. It's already there. I want the national pulse. And Rahim's Summary ization of this so people can have that if they choose not to read the long article on there as well. But folks it's really worth 10 15 minutes your time to go through this article. It is shocking, and it is disgusting. And yet it lays it all out. And I've been carefully watching news almost the entire day. Excuse me. Throughout the afternoon. I should say I haven't seen this. Excuse me. I haven't seen this anywhere. Haven't seen it anyway, not discussed anyway. Pretty amazing. This is a a confession by the conspirators. You know, it's the same thing that happened with Russia collusion stuff that there wasn't an article like this. Things like the Russia collusion strategy. That is ubiquitous throughout the media throughout commentary. Ubiquitous throughout government throughout academia, Those things don't just happen. It takes an organized plot like this organized plot. It's not exposed in this article, but his bragged about in this article. It's really disgusting. And I should also add. It's unfortunate for the president well. Donald Trump, former president, United States It appears that some of his people were caught flat footed. The RNC was caught flat footed The Lord is that the RNC announced where we're caught flat footed Obviously, some of the president's advisers were caught flat footed all this was going on. How many times did I get behind this microphone, Mr Producer and warn the campaign about all the lawyers on the left that we're doing stuff doing things endlessly over and over. They better have enough lawyers that were set. We're okay. They weren't set. And they weren't okay. They weren't set and they weren't okay. So this is a big propaganda effort. It was a big Behind the shadows effort. And Raheem is exactly right. This was organized by the Republican and Democrat establishments, the hard left Big tech big media. You're not conspiracy theorist. You're not nuts. Unfortunately, Jeremy Peters and Phil puts the idiot's name. Phil bump and all the other doofus is and mouthpieces. They could have investigated this. They could have reported this story, but instead The people who were involved in this started bragging and they want to time magazine. And so will they try to make all of you out to be some kind of White supremacist militia. Violent. He won on Whatever else could goes through. They're very, very small, our noggins. This is what took place. I'll be right back Much globe.

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