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First time and then lost in a primary to bear distefano unfortunately he'd and learned to go away after that he came back and then he won the party nomination the next time within eked out a disputed election the first time by winning over tom foley by a narrow five thousand votes but during that campaign that's the campaign of referencing during the campaign he did admit with nancy wiedemann by his side as she's banned the old time that he was opposed to the death penalty but then what he did with the help of andrew mcdonald and remember mcdonald where he was in the legislature opposed the death penalty and tried to get legislation passed to outlaw the death penalty unsuccessfully but then when mcdonald got to molloy's office and worked as his counsel they crafted they crafted a bill that would outlaw the death penalty in connecticut but governor malloy when he ran as candidate malloy said yeah i four outlawing the death penalty but it would never affect those already on death row including stephen hayes and joshua coma suggestion gaidar wouldn't affect them this this would not be retroactive but they knew he hainault mccoy's not stupid he's a lot of things he's cutting he's duplicitous he's a he's us cried at leftist so he's a lot of things he's a political hack he hands out corporate welfare he's a lot of things but stupid stout one of them calculating is one of them and he knew as did andrew mcdonald that if they could get a bill passed in connecticut that outlawed the death penalty so that joshua cominister jeff skis life could be stays spared so that stephen hayes life could be spared they know if they could get a bill pass that outlawed capital punishment even though they claimed it would not be retroactive somebody would then take the issue to court to say wait a minute you're not going to take the lives of those on death row the outlawed the death penalty you've got to make this retroactive and lo and behold that's just what happens somebody took it to court and by.

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