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As bad as it was killing. Won't come over. was this for you. So this was twenty ten to bruno lies. Two thousand eight to two thousand eleven two thousand twelve. Okay the roman. Wow wow okay yeah known this best friend behind of a lot of crazy shit. That's all it was already too. Yeah should i think. I was going through a divorce around that time. May nobody was listening about. Lay my life. I was getting late. But just on my bed sheets not district's with china comforter on fire when you're sleeping that's don't want i would recommend i would recommend and walter vernon bed you know and i don't want to see my kids like as a english. Did you encourage students to seek careers and writing so maybe in the beginning. I did but later. What happened is they saw. I was a young teacher. They saw that had like an unorthodox way of doing things and they they put me with a lot of the kids who couldn't pass afghan. This is back when like that. They didn't like you know that. Sounds like a movie believed in her. Stand up into little. So what would happen is they. Were like okay. She's getting through to them. So let's put her with the kids who have kindergarten reading level for struggling. Which honestly i was like. Give me the baby's i'll take them like they. They're the ones that need the love. They're probably the ones that have been told several times that they're stupid and they can't do it. So yeah you want to me. I'll take my ruben. Dario student astronaut definitely would have been one of her pupils. I look like i'm in school uniform right now. I see your side. John was with the car already. Who think that's funny. I was the only eighth grader. Shaving in my classes into the freshman ship by the time. I got the high school. Gillette baby i knew what it was like. Hold you back to the left. And then they do steal. One of those security will go anywhere. School code. Kit mall sadam laughing. The malls of jv basketball granted so soon. But where did it happen. You went from lit teacher to artists. Like whoa where did that transition come from. Then so basically. I was dormant for ten years while i was teaching. That was all was focused. On and then i switched to nonprofit. Which is what. I'm doing now. I of like back. That had a brief trajectory and engineering firm which was wild but nonprofit now and screaming a nonprofit program director for rita. Succeed own ink helping tackle illiteracy. Well that's why we're searching elevating families because we will poss- literacy when we first started. We were doing like after school programs for kids and that sort of thing Field trips primarily with like title one schools kids are in low income neighborhoods or articles lunch by With covid and the top. We have to hit it really hard in the main thing that we noticed everyone will struggling with was food insecurity. I people lost their jobs. Eating means to buy groceries so we started. We partnered with the usda and pretty much. We gave out over two thousand meals to families. Over is that is. That is very really is amazing. It's amazing we've got big dreams like right now. We want to continue supporting with new security heidari. Miss to children's mental home support kids on like socially and emotionally and then my easy wants to do she really wants to bring my health awareness advocacy for families of color. So we want to make sure black. And latino families know how to advocate for themselves like when they go into hospitals visit. No one wants to get settled with the bill and not know what their rights are so she wants to really liked helping.

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