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The top of the program more than five thousand residential properties were lost in the northern california wildfires during the last couple of weeks many people will have to decide whether to rebuild or go somewhere else the editorial director of the santa rosa president mcgrath hopes the people will snake paul gullikson will join forum to talk about the communities recovery that's right off the top of the show this morning at nine are be prepared now for a clear on hot the day to day with sunny skies and highs as high as the mid nineties far number seven after four of the time no more morning edition for a tuesday from kqed public radio it's morning edition from npr news i'm rachel martin and i'm steve inskeep president trump's top military adviser acknowledges that he too ask questions about the deaths of four americans and leisure general joseph dunford spoke to reporters as lawmakers in the public focused on a mission in west africa that went wrong do the most in of us forces change during the operation did our forces have adequate intelligence equipment and training was or promotion assessment of the threat from the area accurate some of the questions on the mind of joe dunford and bureau's tom bowman was in the room as he spoke tom what struck you there what was struck me as hominid basic questions are unanswered of this point more than two weeks after the incident general done for talks voted the mission change will the mission was to go on a reconnaissance patrol and there are some reports would maybe they were actually chasing terrorists was suspected terrorists on motorbikes now look presumably we would have an answer to that question two weeks later i know is an investigation going on but for hit to have this many basic questions unanswered is surprising while let's pursue some of those questions with retired army brigadier general donald baltic until june he led special operations command africa and like some of the men killed in leisure he was a green beret general good morning good morning thank you let's start with this mission described as a reconnaissance mission to a very remote village on the.

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