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Everyone you're listening to one life. Radio we are live from dallas texas iheartmedia as well as in southern california. Dave asprey is our guest. Today is the founder and chairman of bulletproof three sixty high-performance copy and food company and the creator of the widely popular. Bulletproof coffee he is a three times new york bestselling author and host of the webby award winning. Podcast bulletproof radio. He's been featured on the today. Show fox news nightline cnn and dozens more and over the past two decades. Dave the father of biohacking has worked with world renowned doctors researchers scientists and global mavericks to uncover the latest most innovative methods techniques and products for enhancing mental and physical performance. You can find dave at dave at asprey dot com or bulletproof dot com or on instagram. At dave dot asprey. Today we're talking about his incredible new book that gets released on january nineteenth fast this way. Okay so dave. We've only got a couple of minutes. Unfortunately that clock always goes too fast. When you've got an incredible. Gaston but what. What does fasting from food. Do for us physically. It is remarkable what it does when you decide to fast even for just sixteen hours which sounds like a big deal except what that means. Is you skip breakfast and have a late lunch. It's not the end of the world. But when you do that or longer fast it tells your body any cells or even parts of yourselves. The mitochondria any of them. That can't hang for that period of time without food. They must be weak and therefore the body will replace the week parts with stronger parts with younger parts. It's basically like weightlifting for your metabolism. What a great explanation. that's You explained it perfectly you did. And that sounds so empowering like who doesn't want to do that right empowering except. I didn't want to do that because i knew that. Come around. Eleven o'clock eleven thirty. I was start acting like a jerk because my blood sugar would go low. And i want to punch people not that. I'm kind of guy but hey anyone who's been angrier or in my case hypoc lie bitchy We we know that viewing well. I just learned that if you do this occasionally and you start slowly and you use the hack that elated and not feel that hunger you can be kind and nice and level headed person even while you do it and that's the hack Well so why is the approach to fasting different for women. It turns out that women have different hormones and men. I know that sometimes isn't politically correct to say. But hey it's totally true. When women do fasting too much even just intermittent fasting every morning for a lot of women after about six for the first month. You're gonna feel amazing but after about six weeks. You start noticing. Hey i sleep isn't as good. I keep waking at three in the morning. Four in the morning and my hormones aren't working the way they should and you wonder what's going on because you know fasting makes you feel so good what's happening is it's just like training you over train or you can over fast so being kind to yourself and fasting every other day or intermittent fasting every other day it works really well for a lot of women and few women can do it every single morning especially exercise a lot. I'm so glad. I asked that question because i've experienced that and i couldn't understand why some nights i would sleep so well and then some days not and But i typically intermittent fast. Every single day i try to do at least twelve hours and typically sixteen hours. So that's really good to know. So let me ask you this. We only have just about one or two minutes before the music's gonna play. Are you still on track to live to one hundred and eighty on track to live to at least one hundred eighty. That's not the ceiling. That's just the goal and all of us have that potential right now because of all these new technologies coming down and because now we know why aging happens. What a great. What a great time having you on the show today. Such an honor to speak with you personally. I hope you'll come back sometime. It's really been great. And you'll be at the paleo f x you're part of it Virtual twenty twenty. And we'll be looking forward to that as well. Thank you so much for jumping on the air with us today. Thank you all right. Dave s free. Everyone check him out on instagram. At dave dot free and his websites. Dave asprey dot com and bro bulletproof dot com and of course his new book fastest way released eight t january nineteen twenty twenty one. It's fantastic. i guarantee. I just got my my big thumbs up of approval. Everyone thank you so much for listening today. And you know what You get one body you get one mind and you get one live so get out there today and make the most of it..

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