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At a certain well keep you the courage early on to talk in the media i think because i don't have any fail to say it was something that i i get in so much trouble all the time because i say things and and i will say sort of get satisfaction amounts of pushing a little bit but i did have i did feel immense anga early on because i went through that hollywood stuff i definitely do anymore and it was pretty shades i mean you know your the only woman onset sometimes being spoken to like your threeyearold and you know that was so all of that stuff is true and i couldn't help but talk about it and i think it's because i was so upset like deeply upset it took me a long time to kind of deal with it and actually dealing with it was with putting out there which would get need to even more ship because then i'd get retaliation from you know people that tell shot privileged actress or whatever and then you kind of fueling the fires taking the fire but actually i just felt like i had to and i remember talking about body image ridi early on and nobody else was talking about it and then i remember i have somebody that helps me with press and she said we know you didn't have to be the spokesperson necktie you don't have to and then about five years later everyone started i'm not saying i will support it now it's great because everyone's talking about these issues but before you didn't talk about cutting about were you told to lose weight at one one film you're on they said something like that that made an issue of your body heals yet yet on fiefdoms well if you feel so torture news wait yet do we actually say that they say that clearly or do they say it in a way that you're not allowed to find yourself because i saying it would just be better with the character will they get you a personal trainer all my god i go on there was one film the i resolved and we were out in morocco and a couple of weeks bypassed and they literally but like we need a personal trainer.

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