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Search. And there's never a fee and brought to you by Trinity Rehab 24 locations throughout New Jersey Remove it on now that Adrian wants, and she has a look at WR Traffic. Adrian Cross Bronx, barely moving westbound from Westchester Avenue to the Deegan South bound Bruckner to the North bound Egon will save you a little bit of time. But that Deacon does have some volume North bound, beginning at the arcade, Triborough Bridge Westside highways and Stop and go from around the one teams up to the one forties. Outbound Lincoln in Holland about 5 to 10 Minutes apiece. FDR had a crash. Often in the twenties. It's gone. The volume isn't outbound Brooklyn Bridge that is slow eastbound. L I e. The accident cleared at Woodhaven. Your delay still begin at the BQE. This report is sponsored by express pros dot com Looking for an easier way to find your next call center or accounting job. It's time to get to know express employment professionals visit express pros dot com to find one of more than 830 locations to support any job search, and there is never a Fae. I'm Adrian Watson. Next traffic at 4 30 on 7 10, W. O R and we have the forecast. Coming up. What can you get done in 10 minutes. Run a mile. Maybe find a date online for this Friday Easy. What about listing your home for sale in 10 Minutes can't be possible with a new instant list tool from Rex. It is Rex Instant list allows you to value enlist your home with an agent and as little as 10 minutes with a really state market Getting honor, time is money. Let's get started visits. So with Rex come since 2015 Rex is provided cellars with over $25 million in savings and absolutely no sacrifice on service have 10 minutes to spare visits. So with rex dot com to get started or speak to Rex agent and a 337394663 That's a 337394663337394663. That's a 337394663 license number and why 10991225737 minimum feed me apply, not licensed in all 50 states. Rex fully supports the principles of the Fair Housing Act, an Equal Opportunity act. Here's your W whoa. Our weather channel forecast looking at a pretty quiet weather patter most of the week might have a small rain chance back in here by Saturday. No major weather systems on the way clear tonight Lows around 30 Clouds and sunshine a high of 42 on Tuesday Wednesday intervals of clouds and sun lows in the low.

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