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Is there any connection there? Oh, yeah. No, totally. Yeah. He's like before I became a CEO at one of brothers. Yeah, I wasn't a DJ day circuit and shit. Like, okay. Yeah, he used to used to pop it and lock it. Yeah. Yeah. But, but on suit and tie. And yeah, works for a major motion picture studio. And of course, that's a logical transition. Yeah, not hymning since. No. Just this whole thing though. I feel bad one for Ben Affleck because been Affleck is going through some personal shit right now like he's he doesn't hit rock bottom. He's in fucking rehab. Last, I saw for his alcoholism and shit like so bad to the point where Jennifer garner his ex wife head to pretty much pick him up and take him to rehab. And there's a photo floating around out there where he's in the back seat of her car and they're getting him like Jack in the box or some shit. He just looks terrible. Like just face is reddish shit and flush, and he just looks drunk as fuck. And it's probably like three o'clock in the afternoon. So he has his own issues. So if he is completely out as Batman that she won't surprise me at all because they he's starting to become a liability to the point where it's like no one in their right mind is going to invest. You know, another one hundred two hundred million dollar movie into this dude when he really don't even seem like he wanted to be Batman anymore. Anyway, plus all this other per. Live drama. He got going on is probably best to just let him just fade away and figure out something else with Batman, so so Demi Demi Lovato. Okay. And then MAC Miller, and now Ben Affleck is going on binges. I think we need a new superhero. Where's Dr drew right or duchess. So many, no, no Dr drew definitely so many celebrities need rehab right now. What is what is going on in Hollywood that so many people are just getting on some shit probably saving is always going on. I was gonna say, just that we, it's probably more than a public eye now because you know, especially when they invest in these characters, we're going to be playing the same character over multiple multimillion dollar movies for years on end. It's like, yeah, we pretty much know every detail and tidbit about they life. So it's just like he just picked a bad time to fall off a wagon, I guess. But with with this particular news. It. How do I don't want to say this? It frustrates me because I. I am of the mind of, I'm ready to just be done with the DC. You ought to gather just like cancel all this shit. Like start over a lot of people. They love wonder woman and you're like, no, keep her, but no fucking. Everything's gotta. Go just start over from scratch..

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