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The even offered more unconscious characteristics risks that are associated with things like deep axiomatic assumptions of what it means to be in group out group. Basil values that more or less are assumed to be shared across the entire field so that we can actually move into coordination space pretty quickly cultural life will that other ways the biological there and the Galway data at the center of the Earth again but the now. I said I was going to destroy it. I just did one kind of from the financial down and then just recognize that you can check this out of fear so did it is like a slice of cake slice slice through this fear that I can have other things at the surface level besides finance right now. He's GonNa focus on that because it's concrete music so if we say that software is eating the world can either from the outside in actually I think I've talked about this on video for draper university. So if anybody's interested I think actually did hope on that and we can time. It's okay as it's moving from the outside in can look at where it is progressive notice where it's whereas penetrating and in the past decade. It's penetrated straight through in shoes social. There were hitting things like money and governance and law like a theory of smart contracts like these things are now the beginning the process there were in the early early stages for those of us who are old enough to have lived through say dialup modems and build your own. PC's all with where we are the point where things are being done by guys ascribing beards and pizzas stains on their tee shirts to the point where it's a billion dollar company. You know you can kind of connect the dots it's not that hard to get ride. The S curve took took direct so were somewhere around this point of the esker in that face an probably not going to be happening so that's an element which just a up all these things around say the nation state for example the Westphalian political consensus is now moving into the liquid stage is about to be consumed and also also already noticing in the past say five years. The cultural face is now in that process and this is what I was largely writing about so. MSA's around situation assessment the trump election breakfasts and things like that is recognized cultural phases now in the software Gregor and to some extent things like crisper whisper pay a moment to recognize. I that notion the suffers eating the world needs to be taken dead seriously. The second is what's a Meta Meta concept of actually. What do you do when things are moving into that level of change Is there a wage actually orient your choice making that his resilient to the context itself itself being moving from solid liquid to guess quickly in your in the time horizon if you're on planning Barbara for example so if facebook's Komo transformation was move fast and break from for move fast and break things move slow and build infra and we can talk about how satisfying or not satisfying that is what is the software as the world's transformation into something more sustainable version about what I hear from you on gay is some version of what guy you here won't get you there. The facebook move as get your certain elements now. You need to do something different. You know we needed a game to a certain element. Now needs to something different yeah. That's that's a the You could say that about game. This game got us. Here is not gonNA get us there. Then we have to ask the question. What is what is. This would is gay if you if you don't want to if you want they use that to get to the next place you have to be careful. What is that to the answer to your questions very profound in court but it's something along the lines of how do we actually become capable as individuals in the ultras groups of individuals that those two moves important of having the the list issues determines terms of not very good but they're not terrible the intelligence. I'm here come invoke ver- vacancies definitions because his definition in Israel definition of rationality is stressed the rationality capable of having the level of rationality necessary to guide of design and implementation of the total field of the objects notice software advocate bigger concept in soccer using that as a symbol representations presentation so how do we become capable as individuals and as groups of having enough rationality to guide the design and implementation Asian of the totality of the oxygen software so as to deliver on something that is in fact actually sustainable at all over. YOU'RE A in this turns out to be an indefinite period of top can go to that last piece because it turns out to be quite a challenging conceptual landscape to walk into you but it's something like a under conditions of accelerating change. Things have to be awfully time at variant if that makes any sense and while we're I don't DEF- defining the terms for for what we do our best to crystallize three one so what is the best way you explain whether it's a metaphor analogy analogy or for you know technologist listening investors what is game as they can better understand it so that they can zoom out. If we're if we're going to say the thing we're not doing what is yeah. Let's give me challenged for everybody every single class you just mentioned so. I'm going to speak to you not as an investor but as a biological being happens to be in the world and then allied with be recognize recognize that distinction is a distinction. It's real so there's two ways of saying that I think are generally helpful. One way is it's literally everything the human beings he's not everything but ninety nine point nine nine seven percent of everything human beings have been doing to design our world for about the past thirty thousand years so it's not a small small thing. It's a big thing it covers a huge territory so it's include the totality of the agricultural revolution the industrial revolution all variations theme so so that unions game Azziz Eisenhower's Americans are all gays stanchions. Okay so that's one way of putting it kind of a historical experiential conceptually it seems to be mostly entire mostly around the application of the tools and methodologies of complicatedness to manage complex and we can really double click on that if you'd like but these are formal concepts that have been refined nicely with the plastic half of the philosophy lost via science here. Can you explain it a little bit so here. I'll reference alesia Guerrero aunt. Dave Snowden spins the personal actually she learned concepts from directly and of course have dealt into enormously but the basic framework assist divide the world is a two by it's divided into four but I'll just do to make it simpler on the right hand side washy too complicated I because we're as humans quietly with complicated and a complicated systems assistant at the end of the day is finite and bounded at which means that for example a number of in the causal causation calls relationships are ex livable. It may not in fact be explicit. They are at least in in principle explicable. You can identify a causal relationship between the units which is to say they are not a seven forty seven and assailants ship and the game of TIC TAC to are all all a relatively complicated snowden makes a distinction between simple uncomplicated and epistemological which is to stay within the context of your intelligence. If it's inside the boundaries of your intelligence eligible simple it's outside the boundaries is complicated so tic TAC two. It's simple go as complicated or at least chest is complicated. I think goes also complicated at enough about to say that with precision position and so one of the things about appointment for seven is that in principle I can take the whole thing apart all the way down to components and reassemble it and it's a steps as algorithms steps APPs like I could run a software program in public do that whole thing and it would work and I can affect point two particular component into ask. Was that about it can you. You can tell me they would do brick of. It's simple. It's simple. It's real easy. It's complicated. We have to get a whole crew of people to be able to handle the the complicatedness That's complicated complexity. Complexity is literally all wrestler Universe Right. It's it's reality as it really is and some of the things about complexity are that it's not a finite or bounded an conversation is strictly indeterminable meaning that you cannot actually identified the causal the we call the efficient cause of any given event and you can't precisely identify the specific effects of any given costs right so there's some notions causation going on but it's it's more than just like hard to figure out is somewhere in the zone of indeterminate. There's something about the inability to actually estimate at all that is intrinsic to the nature system and has evolved at this nursing of not finding unbounded means that it's the ball at the qualitative characteristics of the space literally Sir nominated did not exist at all in universe keep fucking popping up and changing the entire category to gain by the way at the microcosmic scale all the way up to the macrocosm Gasa so sometimes just the we might call mutations to changes in the characteristics on the interior of some complex system. do generally call emergencies which might be the emergence of entirely new quantitive system so you see it for example. I've got hydrogen helium and gravity and all of a sudden Annetta fucking newer. I've got a star. There's a point at which that didn't was the cases when it which was right and prior to the existence of star in reality won unofficial logical point might say yeah that was something that was possible reality but it was an actual reality but any event if you're sitting there as observer watching it the things that can happen in reality. It just really really changed a lot like for example you could have planets with Earth's Zeph this like the difference between the two and there's actually a really interesting history of the relationship between between the two because if you don't know if you know the the history of non linear and complex and often equilibriums related fascinating space of time where up until the sixties or so even with the categories of thought it's fascinating actress because so much of life is in the complex to make the most of the things we care about the complex likes to me but because Newton so good at actually doing useful stop like building cannonballs that we had this weird like centuries-long Myopia. We actually began to think of reality as only that portion of reality the linear science science could build engineering out so we kind of like sort of looked at say biology in evolution in sort of like ignore that for now. Let's let's is focused on. Say Trains does really kill it. We can build faster trains at that'll that'll give me later giving rich or powerful Ignore this problem which seems quite intractable and maybe put it in the epistemological category. I will figure it out tomorrow. And then of course the turnout is as the the the science begin to merge in the sixties and seventies really ramp to the eighties. Oh Shit with forgot almost everything that matters is in other domain which is strictly not linear for example and so none of that science can apply but we can actually the scientific about it we can actually couldn't entirely domain of science or many extra distinct domains of scientist and bring a lot more reality in to our consideration so so gay is is this really interesting problematic of against the whole newtonian stories interesting example of how problematic shows up that human beings can use semantic rationality language and some finite set of symbolic objects that are in a logical each other to zip line and collaborate. That's like the thing that we really figured out how to do well and it's great because it can be scaled sector. That could write shit down. You can read it at the instructions. Are The literature you then you can execute on on that plant can criticize write it down. You can execute on that schematic. Nabil's collaboration or coordination positives did very strong so the use deployment and refinement of complicatedness has been like a massive like is the mother of all inventions is the birthplace of techno Nokia. Ah in general is literally the Logie of technique and so it's like wow powerful cool leads to all kinds of stuff that's gaming and that we've reached the end of that instead of nested s curves that our technology in general as reaching the end of the bed s curve of technical gear games ritual point where its boundary conditions are fast fast approaching for wide variety of different reasons and this poses the what might else be and that's incense was real inquiry game was like more mortga designed space what is designed space that is not gay an adequate to be able to resolve the various problems that we can identify design constraints any viable game be like is actually in principle capable of managing the software in the world. That's like that's one design constraints as you spend time in that design speech you can actually begin we can get some real interesting answers the question but that's the distinction by actually literally theoretical distinction between a concrete definition of assistive designed toolkit gay all the things that it can be would it's where it's headed and then a sort of Meta's designed document of this sort of thing muscle click for to be a meaningful NFL endeavor at all and and Elena description I want to zoom out to talk about something you took an earlier which is somewhat of a frustration..

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