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I five is slow at 85th and so on. I five at Highway 18 really struggling towards five your next chemo traffic at 12 14. Now, the chemo forecast Here's meteorologist Kristin Clark. Marine clouds very stubborn to clear today with that lack of solar radiation that's going to help to keep our temperatures in the seventies, so a much more comfortable day. It is indeed and in fact, the coolest day out of the entire week, so enjoy now we will see a bit more sun on Friday, boosting our temperatures closer to 80 and then low eighties by Saturday and Sunday to celebrate the holiday weekend on the fourth of July. Sunshine dry weather highs in the low eighties with comfortable conditions overnight for campers in the fifties. But with the drive forecast through then you bet the brush fire danger stays high in the weather Center meteorologist Kristin Clark. Beautifully cloudy and cool weather right now. 68 degrees at KOMO News. The news time 12 05. It's cooled off considerably around here but east of the Cascades, the oven is still on full blast has common Brian Calvert tells us the heat was another major punch for some business owners. You remembered what happened around here this past Sunday and Monday, we wilted and businesses shuttered yesterday it was well over 100 degrees in Spokane and inside Jason Ferrero's restaurant. It was 99 degrees. I wasn't ready to go back to normal yet. I guess so. He was forced to close on the first day of Washington's big reopening. So with shop owner Tom Ritchie, he tells Kxl y just really rough to add insult to injury. Tom is an ice cream shop owner. He would have had a line out the door yesterday. I'm not good. Because there's a lot of income that you know could be made today will be a few degrees cooler, and things will return to the low nineties this weekend in eastern Washington. But there remain questions of exactly when will some businesses finally be able to return to somewhat normal? It's just a slight hiccup. You know, it's more.

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