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We're seeing this organ we just mentioned organ they're crushing their economy and they've had it for thirty people put in ICU they said we didn't shut down the economy their own models in that state tell them they have ninety people in the ICU crestor comment why why are we doing here in Arizona and it's true what Alex Berenson said we dry places we don't have subways maybe the festival of books canceling was a good thing because it seems like large events as word spreads made the big the store a couple weeks ago but the bingo tournament what are the bridge tournament is the bridge tournament electric the bridge right I'm that's where it is this this guy that is the chair of the university of California at San Francisco department medicine is tweeting he was winning a medicine a tree on sorry information last night scratching our heads regarding where did the non covert patients go we've dialed down surgeries and transfers most of our usual Haitians are really sick folks coming to the emergency department hearing this mother hospitals to why we have enough tests at UCSF for clinical needs get a lot of talk regarding major test shortage seems confusing so he's saying we have tested it who's coming in they're not seeing the people crossing the patience Doug Ducey's gonna do is big town hall tonight six o'clock it's going to be everywhere you can hear here on campus to game seven ninety and I mean I'm sure he's not going to talk about anything about the turnaround and and maybe just maybe as a country aside from New York and maybe New Jersey maybe Nolan's this is we're past we're past the peak the fact that again V. the the model the company doing the modeling used by birds and voucher thing twenty forty thousand may die next couple weeks this again same company said New York was projected to have fifty thousand people hospitalized as of Tuesday as as of yesterday really did that a week ago there was twelve thousand hospitalized what the heck is going on here so I think we're getting hood wink I think it's about time people say enough is enough we got to open up this economy got to make it work we got to get back to school we got to get back to all this stuff eight eight zero can S. T. eight eight zero five six seven eight are you want to comment you can and you can disagree to non I think we need to.

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