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Tittle can usually be found at he. Baby Mama House. Thank you for that. Welcome back to the show. Good to have you with us. Hope everybody is doing fine and say we can't all be gloom and doom and so it's good to talk and hopefully we all get through this together but If you'd like to guess what's big butts if you'd like to chime in and talk about something you know it's funny. Somebody was asking me when I was in Arizona. They're like how can you? How can you show? There's there's no sports I always and it's a fair question in these times but I said there are a million things to talk about seriously a million things and even if all-sports stopped forever. We could still talk sports but then I was thinking like what. If I really didn't have anything I would do. I would come on here and I would start doing that history shows but the lock going on the NFL and free agency. A lot of these deals that we heard about yesterday are going to become official today as the league year starts and as Charlie said the witten. Move to the raiders. Things like that some under the radar and some huge will obviously get to the Tom Brady thing as well. But we're very happy as I mentioned to be joined by author Urine Weizman. He's here to talk about the Philadelphia. Seventy sixers and what's called the process? His book is called tanking to the top and this is available from Grand Central Publishing Yarn. Thanks for being on the show. This is kind of booked on what Sam Hinkie came up with. And that was you know will stink. And then we'll get good. Many teams have tried. This many teams have failed. And you look at the cubs and the Astros and it sort of seems like in today's sports world a lot of teams think. Well if we really don't have a realistic shot of winning at all let's just tank. So where do the sixers into all of this You're right about that right. It's certainly com- common saying I think there are a few reasons for that one like it's works to if you commit to it too. I mean like you. People get angry of teams but it really is the result of the incentive system. The leaks upright idea. That if you're bad you get rewarded for it right. And that's because somehow owner. He's alive today but owners are seem to the absolute free market EST in their other careers or another world until professional sports. And everyone's worried about you. Know How do you know you can help? So they want those rules to protect them from themselves And then you have these different executives coming on their little. They think more analytically a little differently. They're not as worried with fan. We action in the same way. I would say And they're willing to sort of deal with tear down and what happens is once a couple teams. Do it like now if somebody was to come in and say we rebuilt people understand what that means right. I think they'd be less backlash whether that's right or not. It doesn't seem like such a controversial thing anymore though. The sixers did take it to a different level than almost anyone else. You know. It's funny I remember talking to Kate. Scott WHO's working at PAC twelve network right before the draft a few years ago and I said what do you think about Markelle faults and she said he's fantastic. You have to take him number one overall. I mean everybody pretty much signed off on it and he came in the an injury and then we heard he was using VR to relearn how to shoot and then once he started playing he had he was like the youngest ever had a triple double within a year later the sixers sent him in a pretty pretty good trade. But it's funny usually when you're tanking and you get it so wrong that it'll set you back and it didn't set the sixers back. It looks like the faults he came to pulse came when after he was ousted. That was a new regime. Took him and it's funny who you said. It didn't set them back date. Also right like if you look at why they have it. You know people like to poke fun at the title which I get you know. Because they haven't done top I try to respond that. Titles or more about titles is supposed to be taking nearly right but maybe look at lie. They haven't gotten one championship Some of their struggles. I think you can point a lot to full. Decisions are and how that didn't you know he didn't become the expected What he said is true right. So they miss on to other lotteries extremely local four and your own dwell understand thinking And his whole thing was what he would say is You know drafting is really hard. If inexact science I am going to miss. I don't think I'm better than anyone else or if I am. It is just marginally so therefore what I need and one of the praises swings at the plate like I need as many swings at the plate as possible And if I go to four like with embiid and then found good good. So yeah you're right. They don't come back but that's where the having a plan and sticking to it and being willing to absorb the mishap wasn't just taking one draft a lot of teams do that. They were willing to go multiple years in their favor. And then it's so funny the burner gate when Bryan Colangelo. And maybe his wife they had all these fake twitter accounts and they're throwing stones at Fulton Embiid as you mentioned Messiah Jiri you mentioned Okeafor and and New Well and Colangelo said someone's out to get him and then in the end they end up with Jimmy Butler it was. I know I kind of jumped about eight steps by right there but what do I know burner gate? The love people outside of Philly. Don't even remember what that was but that was a big deal yet. I mean it's you know. Try when a GM or his wife. I believe was how it was officially phrase Andy Final conclusion that came from lawyers or whatever rice when a GM's wife Or Hammer whoever whatever you know believe on you on puts out a bunch of US anonymous twitter account to disparage players and team to try to Steve Records and information yet concrete Trifling into a fact checker. Also you know how how twitter him misspelled. Twitter handles ten dad. That was crazy. One of the strangest tractor. That have You know the question like remember. I got sidetracked. That's all right we're speaking with are on Weizman. The new book taken it tanking it to the top I should say the the CEO There O.`Neil when When Hanky had to go he said someone had to take the hit. He did it to himself. What what does that mean to you? let's face it right to the sixers participate in the book. He So I was around the team last year and eight shoes myself. O'neill was a CEO and said and he he was running the business side of things Biggest side of things. It's obviously hard to market in. Fairly fifteen twenty win last night team He wanted more to fan backfill operations team. That was on some extent he was interested in giving to somebody or the basketball guys Scott on the Alaska and I say you know some fans become like the boogeyman to process. Fan He's a quarter and he says to me. Well Sam himself. I WanNa take the hit which is pretty interesting shows. You know it shows that yet he actually you know this you WANNA call it. A coup right. It sounds like an over dramatic word but there were you know somebody else think of. He came from inside the owns the sixers. Well the thing is too is the PHILLY's Fan. I know and I whenever I go to Philadelphia. I love it. I think it's a great town and like I said I don't have to live there but when I visit I have nothing but fun at that place and I love how. All four teams are altogether. They're you know they're just in that same with the the big bar right in the middle of it but this the sixer fans aren't dumb and when they were horrible seven eight years ago. It was hard getting ticket and yet once this this new process started going. The ticket started flying off the shelf. Even though the team still stunk and that's because there was hope right there was hope yet there was hope and they and the things right. Just got on the over. You know basketball stuff. I just mentioned but he had some he really smart things and he would say you know he would tell colleagues teams President teams. You WanNa have the goals have everything in place so that when we are good. We're ready to take off right. Everything's there so we end. So they did some school thing that they would have head coach Brett Brown meat-eating ticket holders before game which sounds like minor league right but just little think to the separate. They did some engaged activities and brought in the game games call them or contrast they brought up the liberty bell that plays with ring before games created the whole atmosphere around more. And you know six. That's funny right. They're having a struggle. That's struggling but at home. I believe the NBA's best home record like the road was awful. But even home your. They're really tough to be. I think if the all plays a hand you know I remember hearing the story about how there was this. Excuse me Nigerian soccer goalie. Who is is going to try and play Basketball University Houston and when he arrives. The Airport Guy. Lewis didn't told him to take a cab there no idea what he was going to be. So it's Kinda the same bent here. You got a guy from Cameroon. Volleyball Star named Joe L. M. Bead. He has an email that he sent that you reveal in this book. What are that email talk about. Yeah so the email. His uncle's interesting. The uncle and beat some of the story gets changed. Filtered out or turn Moore movie like as you know we go through the years and the idea that like it'd be discovered on the street basically by scout and that's not exactly accurate would happen. Is You know he was his kid? Going one six eight nine. Whatever was six six six eight really tall athletic on an ankle. Getting the uncle knew that uncle that embiid had a you know. Russel's play he knew an NBA Basketball Scout. He had been stand in front of a door. Coast to Shaw. Totally is right He's actually Kobe Jersey. Mimi and the picture funny Door most Takes a picture of him showing how tall you and sends it to the scouts..

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