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Nba finals it's another warriors and five or four or whatever it is it will be easy to go with the knee jerk lebron got crushed lebron took a bunch of bombs put them on his back and lifted them to an nba finals they had no business being a part of what so ever it is very hard to go back i'm gonna say bird and magic entering the league is the modern era it is very hard to go back to the early eighties late seventies to the modern era and find any team that's one of the nba championship that has not had a minimum of two hall of famers on that roster i said this earlier that pistons team from this century i suppose other than that jordan and pippen ally on and drexler kobe and shaq shaq and wade wade and lebron i think boss is going to get in actually on and on the list goes this group if lebron somehow gets this group i don't think it happens unless houston sharks the whirlwinds tonight and then maybe without chris paul lebron get it done if lebron james somehow lifts this group of guys all the way to the point where they're lifting that trophy at the end it's one of the greatest accomplishments we've ever seen it is i don't think it's happening i don't think it matters lebron still deserves all the praise and more that is being thrown his way after last night's performance after last night's game lebron james who still has work to do that in the dwarves played forty eight freaking minutes coming off the most minutes of any person in the nba this season and he talked the opportunity in the afterglow that win about the up and the downs of this bizarre season it's been good it's been bad it's been you know it's been roses has been thorns and roses then everything that you're gonna ask for more citizen in one of the most challenging seasons i've had thorns and roses and still yet again at this time of year whatever team lebron plays for however shallow that soil it flowers man and he's in the finals forty and you knew to right there was a moment in the first quarter where there was just a i can remember a look on his face and i thought this dude's gonna play every single minute he doesn't listen.

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