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Sorry oliveira i guess has that were. I like to strike maju wisdom. I i like to strike but you know. He wrestled tony ferguson. I mean he. I remember him. Picking up and putting twenty ferguson down a few times. So i don't wanna call him a wrestler yet. But i think he's just somebody who's clicking like all of the different attributes all the different skills that a fighter can bring to the table so i don't know more than anything he just hasn't faced maiden boulevard where to go through a few guys maybe he could draw them out plus now. I'm convinced that it doesn't take heat to dry out a Be respectful competition versus someone. He you know he likes that. Chandler maybe had a chance to because you haven't faced chandler and But you know channel lost aware. So that's why i think. Twenty twenty three because twenty twenty one. Consider it don't even be. He's not going to answer that question. You know we not even thought twenty twenty two when he met start to think about it by the time. A few cycles of happened with champion defending. Or maybe there's a new japan. Or whatever i think maybe then you know maybe the heard from the loss of his father will be a little bit less. Maybe his mom with different. It's a different opinion. I dunno whatever it is. It's keeping morning to compete. Maybe maybe just have some sort of a calling and we would see something please be. I would be shocked psalm. Twenty twenty two twenty twenty twenty one. Where i'd be shocked. If on the result again to one one hundred percent. I agree with that came back soon. I'd be shocked. But if i never saw invite again i would also be shocked so yeah maybe twenty twenty three maybe late twenty twenty two I could see something like that but the right things have to happen. And that i think is charles oliveira continuing to win and then on top of that. Maybe some sort of resurgence from michel. Temer i before when it came through mcgregor Get through the him. I said you know it. It's gonna take somebody probably combat sports legend. Who's not done the same stuff. He has made an athlete from others. Maybe relate to them. But i think it's sports legend. I point appointed towards miami. Mike tyson could converse with them. You know and get them to take a good look in the mirror. As far as laura abi. I think someone like your you know. I think at some point you'll cross paths with your. Maybe maybe the bells where show or many in russia somewhere. Maybe a conversation with somebody like him or maybe one of their great wrestlers from the olympic days And maybe they can say something. That will just cause him to think of reacting stays retired. Hey it's one hell of a career. Now he has. Let's get to our next guest easy to go. We've been talking to this guy for well over a decade pre and post fight within many twenty plus fight that he's had in the afc. I should accountable man. Maybe he might even be closer to thirty now than Than twenty but Darren elkins has done at thought. And he's going to be facing. Derek benner at uc on espn twenty. Seven on the card. As an hines and nordine evolved since july twenty fourth. A week from the saturday.

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