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Vinnie Penn. I'm filling in for V Be today is on vacation this week Back on Monday will be in the middle. Come Monday. Don't you worry. It's been a rough patch for our cable news, guys. These last couple days, we're gonna have Joshua Johnson on from MSNBC. You're in just a couple of minutes for everybody who brought up the media over the course of this past two hours or so. Ah, Make sure I press him on how you're going about serving up the news today, the edits the editing process. Our digesting too many things where it's like, Well, I didn't see the beginning. You're only giving me the middle ofthe this clearly there was a beginning to the speech or this situation and unending. You're just giving me 12 seconds out of the middle. It's one of the biggest problems. I think going on in the news today, I was just talking with lightning off the air about the Joe Johns. I'm not even familiar with his work a feel for the guy from CNN. He's Like Having a fistfight with a raccoon on the White House lawn. I just posted something about that on Twitter. If you want to check it out. My handle is at Vinnie Penn, and it's V I n N e. But it just just hysterical to see him being terrorized by a raccoon right before he's doing a live shot. From the White House. And that he actually shouts at one point, not again just begs. The question is the same raccoon. Is it? Possibly the CNN van with you? All of me? Not again. Oh, God! No! God, please! No, no. You.

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