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Points. The grocery store lost leader. Costs a lot more. I'm Jeff label. 1148. Traffic and weather on the 8s rob stallworth in the traffic center. Thanks Deb, taking it to the beltway in Virginia where the interloop near I 66 travel lanes are available from the earlier reported crash, no problems as you continue on the inner loop and mcclain going across the American legion bridge. Northbound on the George Washington Parkway near the key bridge, listen to reports still all lanes blocked and nothing moving people sitting with their cars turned off right now northbound on GW Parkway as you head toward the key bridge traveling at this point on I three 95 northbound after edsel road, the right lane is blocked for the work zone, traveling in manassas 28 South Bend after Yorkshire lane should have all lanes open near Leland road from that earlier crash. If you're on one 23 in woodbridge, near devil's reach road, that's where we have the report of rec uncertain if that is still there or not. North Ben I 95 delays as you leave dumfries headed toward Dale City may have work set up in blocking a lane. If you're in the district, update for benning road eastbound near Minnesota avenue, Anthony called he said the road is starting to reopen right now so you may have a single lane getting violent bening road eastbound near Minnesota avenue. No problems on D.C. two 95, but brief delay southbound headed toward east capital street in your travel lanes are indeed available. Beltway in Maryland looking pretty good through Montgomery and prince George's counties, things are clear on two 70 I 70 westbound after the south mountain rest area, all lanes reported to be blocked for crash and response on senior under police direction for that one. College Parkway in Rockville between Princeton place in Nelson street at last report we had all lanes blocked for the apartment building fire and a new problem in seat pleasant, central avenue eastbound air Garrett Morgan boulevard and Richie rode. We have the report of a crash who used caution if you're traveling in that location. For the ones who get it done, Granger offers supplies and solutions for every industry backed by 24/7 support and access to product experts. Call, click Granger dot com or just stop by, rob stallworth WTO traffic. Now the forecast from chuck bell. Cloudy skies and intermittent periods of light rain are expected for the course of your Monday, temperatures today reaching a low to mid 60s

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