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The iPhone eleven makes its first in store appearance CBS business reporter Jason Brooks tells us though they'll be demand maybe not as much as there had been for I phones in the past it's all hands on deck for apple is the iPhone eleven hit stores C. E. O. Tim cook welcome customers while opening doors at the re opening of apple's Fifth Avenue store in Manhattan and he was busy as the line snaked its way around the block even with analysts' expectations on the modest side for the iPhone eleven due to its lack of five G. connectivity and overall slowing global smartphone sales it's still a massive sales generator for apple with JP Morgan forecasting shipments to reach one hundred eighty four million in twenty nineteen and one hundred ninety five million next year shares of apple they were down about one and a half percent the markets also down today so following suit their the S. and P. five hundred lost fourteen points the nasdaq was down sixty five heading into the weekend the Dow Jones industrials down by a hundred and sixty points today he helped to expand the Hilton hotel empire that his father created Barron Hilton has died he started to run the company in nineteen sixty six and in the seventies he led the chains moving to Las Vegas making it the first company listed on the New York Stock Exchange to be involved in gambling he successfully fought to retain control of the company after his father Conrad Hilton Barron Hilton followed his dad's footsteps in another way to agree to leave ninety seven percent of his fortune to charity Barron Hilton was ninety one the state's offering something free trees to Quincy residents and business owners deal here is you have to promise to take. care of the trees once they're planted by the department of conservation and recreation the patriot ledger reports now through November fifteenth DC our crews will be planting the trees as long as there's a.

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