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The National Security Council attorneys who are scheduled to be deposed by house committees on Monday already one administration official the president's as an assistant to the president at adviser to the chief of staff Mick Mulvaney Robert Blair has is refusing to come and testify even if those house committees issue a subpoena police in Orinda California are asking for the public's help in finding out who opened fire and Airbnb hollowing house party Thursday night or in the police chief David cook says this type of tragedy is something new in his town or in the is a very small very safe very family oriented community it is not a custom to violence Omar Taylor junior was among five people killed Thursday at the party family members say he was the DJ at the event I sitting at a Dallas CVS store left one employee shot in a premature baby delivered according to police the man with the gun walked into a CVS pharmacy on mockingbird lane Saturday morning demanded money then shot an employee who was eight months pregnant university park police say the suspect did not get away with any money but was last seen running away from the store the employee was shot twice and rushed to a nearby hospital where doctors stabilized her injuries and delivered her baby both are listed in critical but stable condition protesters gathered last night outside the hunt county sheriff's office in Greenville objecting to the arrest of twenty three year old Brandon Gonzalez says the gunman who shot up last weekend's homecoming party protester organizer doctor Jeff.

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