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Lamont Jenkins, a New Jersey antifa activist, he said. With all of the attention on the right at the U. S Capitol Maga activists appeared to be laying low. For now. They got scared. They come out. They get seen by all the wrong people. According to them with no protests monitor, Jenkins used the opportunity to remove a white supremacist group sticker on a pole across the street from the Statehouse. You New York men were arrested over the weekend on charges related to the violent mob riot at the U. S. Capitol earlier this month, ABC News reports 26 year old Brandon Fellows was arrested Saturday by FBI agents. He had posted a video of himself on social media that showed him with his feet propped up on a U. S. Senators desk. 25 year old Edward Jacob Lang of Newburgh also posted videos of his participation, according to The New York Times. Including one of him at the rampage that he had captioned arrest me. The FBI did so on Saturday, he's charged with assaulting an officer and other crimes. It's not clear whether either have attorneys Workers at the produce section of the Hunts Point Cooperative market in the Bronx are on strike. WN Y seizes Stephen Nessen reports There could be a ripple effect throughout the city Hunts point has been called Costco on steroids. That's because 60% of producing the city flows through the market. And workers earning on average $40,000 a year on loading produce are asking for a dollar in our raise. Teamsters local Tuo to which represents 1400 produce workers says management offered just 32 cents an hour. Spokesperson for the market says the NYPD and a private security firm will insure food continues to flow still might be a good time to stock up on bananas and root vegetables. 39 degrees now in Central Park. It's going to be mostly sunny Today of 45 degrees will be the high Tonight we drop down to a 33 will be mostly clear, and it stays mostly sunny through the day tomorrow, Just a few degrees colder. A high of 42 degrees. 606 this is W N. Y. C. Support for NPR comes from Lifelock Lifelock with Norton offers cyber Security Solutions to help keep hackers out of consumers, devices and personal information More about the ever evolving digital world is at Lifelock dot com. W N. Y C and the New York Public Library have teamed up for a virtual book club experience. I'm Alison Stewart, and this month are get lit book Club selection is Mexican.

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