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To me dig deep you try to figure out what makes you got tech and so at the end of the day felt like we were able to spend enough time with him to have to feel that way Frank Reich not intimidated or put off by the virtual way that they had to connect with their draft picks but felt like he got enough in their conversations which it could be said to know that they wanted to draft him and have him on the colts roster course Philip rivers they're starting quarterback presumably it's after hours here on CBS sports radio the New Orleans Saints were busy with QB's this weekend's well drew Brees was recording videos to welcome guys like these are we use their first round offense of linemen then the states agree to a two year deal with their backup Taysom hill now remember last year this is the guy that they could throw out there in any situation he would throw a pass he would run for a first down he would catch a ball even he would block I mean this guy is is one that's so versatile and can really fill some of the void there's very few of those boys but every now and then we drew Brees they want to go deep down hill or they want something athletic they turn to taste and health so they give Jason held our two year deal that replaces the current dele had worth up to twenty one million dollars just gratitude I'm so grateful for the opportunity that I've had to be part of the New Orleans Saints organization I look at the path that my wife and I took to get there and I think of our paths to to Green Bay getting released and going to New Orleans and into signing this extension and so it's just it's been overwhelming I've felt a lot of love from the organization from the fan base and you know grateful for the the executives Mickey because those guys are great in doing this this contract negotiation and grateful for coach Payton I look at drew in the mentor and friend that he's been and it's been the best thing for my career Tatum posted a photo of him and his wife on Instagram to go along with this this awesome message about the saints and the franchise and his wife is very much pregnant and so it's an exciting time for Tatum who has a two year deal he said that really made the most sense because it gives them a chance to to take over for drew Brees if Bruce retires next year too but if he doesn't then he'll have the chance to seek another gig in the next two years similar to what teddy Bridgewater has done after the last two years with the New Orleans Saints so congratulations to taste them one more piece of it fades quarterback news Jameis Winston looks as though he will sign a one year deal with the New Orleans Saints so their quarterback room would be drew Brees Taysom hill Seamus win said it's not a done deal yet bites it is reported out there they're closing in on a deal and so that that would make their quarterback room one with a bunch of experience a lot of versatility Chavis within is nothing like drew Brees Taysom hill is nothing like drew Brees or treatments with I mean if you pretty much have every look you could possibly possibly ask for and that QB room now coming up next hour a retirement announcement from one of the great offense of linemen in the NFL plus we'll speak to Ross Tucker about what we saw this past weekend in the NFL draft record number of viewers fifty five million over the three days of the draft on Twitter and Facebook fill in the blank for my NFL team the draft was watch one hour ago thanks for joining us good morning to.

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