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Ha gloser head shot. One kill log just the over. The radio soldier back helicopters code now agree shot though is like on the trees and stuff is is. It's just this overwhelming sense of like. It's like trying to fight smoke. you know. They just filling similar to what we were talking about last week ri- with like john confident using the wide angle so the audience is forced to look in the background. Full markham is like you know. It's you're constantly on on your tires because you are when you sit down to watch a movie called the invisible man. It's likely that there's going to be an invisible man like you right Yeah this is incredibly. I i love this whole like ten minutes. You got the dog with the shock collar. Because adrian's of fucking douchebag ride is dude. Yeah maybe actually you. Just john carpenter. He did a movie called memoirs of an invisible man in nineteen ninety-two. I forgot about us. I think it's a comedy with chevy chase chevy chevy chase chevy. I think it chevy several several sorry resent the shock collar on the dog. Yeah and also would. She comes back to the house. The dog is still there. And it's like who's been feeding this fucking thing. Man is a question. I have a question i had and i wonder if it's clear that he's still there in the walls you know what i mean. Yeah but yeah. Because i also feel like you know. That's a lucid though. And letting that dog just wonder. I'm just saying like this a big plan. You got going on here. Maybe send the dog to a kennel for fuel. Maybe like maybe you know rehoming for a little bit. Yeah i mean because the the the rest of the movie tax place two weeks. Oeste this this happening saints are. Somebody's gotta be. Yeah it'd be dead after two weeks. Yeah i mean like other the brothers coming over to fade it until like they auctioned off something thrilling probably dog inside and coop. I mean it was my question but still very very people Sorry people's are yeah absolutely. I was ice. She came to the door. And my i was fuck you bitch who has been taken care of this dog. Get the fuck out here. What's going gorgeous government. Yes it is good lord zoos to good name Oh.

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