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Baby baby i'll see your nash it was like oh my god that's so terrible yeah it is and i go into a club and people's jonah's and dick's get ripped up like oh my god what is going on here i must watch it this more but also happen to include something that i thoroughly enjoy an anime that was one of my favorite things about cowboy bebop things like you hawker show things like full metal brotherhood thing another one too like i'm leaving out condo and make sure i'm saying right do do do rura tarare yeah yeah intro is is super like it gets you into the sort of contemporary feeling yes and those and those are all animates either do with full usually deal more about orchestral stuff but with the dura kinda and also cowboy bebop oh and i forgot m i shampoo they do with things like jazz and hip hop and that was something i've thoroughly enjoyed in and double man crybaby deuce after i watched the first episode of this is one of my favorite sayings anime ever that yet today eat a whack miss you did i take home tool kit so i was like joe rapid in this i don't know what they say in besides the subtitle but it goes in dope i was like oh my god like this is cool and then he does that every episode because it's a new different like in the one that got me was there's one episode i don't know if you've got to episode where he's just talking and then it goes into like.

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