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New tools that are allowing them to home in on the genetic basis of hot button. Traits like intelligence will be misconstrued to fit racist ideology. Is an argument that I have on a pretty frequent basis with a friend of mine Jin Causton over vox. Jane is black, and and I think rightly has great sensitivity and the should have great sensitivity. But I think Jane would suggest that her background contributes to the sensitivity with regard to the racist past of the United States and the and the racist association between politics and bad science in. So this has led to some serious conversations between the two of us about political correctness about whether in fact, there's an appropriate time to talk about IQ for example, or standardized testing, for example, or about natural differences between men and women. Like when can you talk about biology without being condemned, sexist or racist? These are real issues that we have to discuss and take on head on. Unfortunately, the scientific community has decided to quash a lot of actual science because they're afraid that people who are racist are going to take that science out of context and then use that to club into submission a minority group. And that's basically what this New York Times articles about says in recent months. Some scientists have spotted distortions of their own academic papers in right internet forums. Others have fielded confused queries about claims of white superiority wrapped in the jargon of human genetics. Misconceptions about how genes factor into America's stark. Racial disparities have surfaced in the nation's increasingly heated arguments over school achievement gaps, immigration and policing instead of long discounted proxies like skull, circumference and family pedigrees according to experts who track the far-right. Today's proponents of racial hierarchy are making their case by misinterpreting research on the human genome itself and into Bates that have been largely limited to ivory tower forums, the scientists whose job it is to mind. Human humanity's genetic variations for the collective good are grappling with how to respond. Now, here's the real way to respond to all of this. Put out the science and then defend the science. That's the way to respond to all of this. Instead, the scientists afraid that their science is going to be misappropriated misinterpreted or used for bad reasons. They've decided that they are going to simply quash all this discussion internally, John November is university of Chicago, evolutionary. Biologist, he says, studying human genetic diversity is easier in a society where diversity is clearly valued in celebrated right now. That is very much on my mind. One slide Dr. November has folded into his recent talks to a group of white nationalist chugging milk at a two thousand seventeen gathering to draw attention to genetic trait, known to be more common in white people than others, the ability to digest lactose adults, and also shows a social media post from an account called enter the milk zone with a map lifted from a scientific journal article on the traits pollution, early history in most of the world, the article explains the gene that allows for the Nigerian of lactose switches off after childhood. But with the arrival of the first cattle herders in Europe, some five thousand years ago, a chance mutation that left to turn on provided enough of nutritional leg up nearly all of those who survived eventually carried it. And then the post shows snippet of hate speech urging individuals of African ancestry leave America saying, if you can't drink milk, you have to go back. Well. So what I mean? So what they're idiots in one of the great irony. Of of white supremacists. They're the stupidest people on the planet. They're constantly talking about how white people are superior and they're just dumb asses. That's one of the things that so funny, it's like if you're going to proclaim white superiority and you really should send your best. But as President Trump would say about Mexico, they're not sending their best. The white supremacists are not sending their best. They're sending idiots and they're like, oh, yeah, wait, white people better than everybody else also scored eleven hundred on my. AT's is in a commentary that accompanied the paper in the journal genetics, Dr November warned that research is wrapped numerous caveats that are likely to get lost in translations because people are flaunting DNA, ancestry tests indicating exclusively European heritage..

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