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The half and when it breaks i'm michael rose earth live from the kfi 24hour newsroom la counties plan with planned to house the homeless has gone backwards homeless population has increased since voters approved a quarter since sales tax increase in 2016 at the county's homeless populations almost doubled since 2015 analysts say the kenny will have to build twenty thousand new units to keep up with the homeless population lex has been rolling out new technologies to speed up air travel la expo kesman justin everybody says automated security lanes have worked well since the airport started installing them in the autumn we've actually uh outperformed some of the targets that we've had for reducing the amount of time or bus says la x will have the most automated security lanes of any other airports when installation finishes in april he says british airways pilot program using facial recognition in lieu of boarding pass this is also going well police in a lull massachusetts had put out a warning after an alarming uptick in opioid overdoses we asked people not to use illegal drugs but if they are going to use them please narcan addi and if you're witness us somebody that is suffering from overdose please call my one one right away our cheap jeff winward says emergency crews in the city responded the more than twenty opioid overdoses in just three days police say the spike is likely because of a potent batch of fenton oil and it'll gallup poll shows california's a less happy than they were last year the 2017 wellbeing poll measures things like purpose social physical financial and community california dropped from thirteen th to fourteen th on the list researchers say for the first time no states showed any significant improvement in almost half suffered declines unhappiness south dakota came.

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