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The mike gallagher show how are you dennis good morning mike well good good glad you joined us um my comment near i'm going to alchoholic i go to a in a it helped me and there's so many other programs out there like they're healthy or focused reach out and and what at they help you're right and because there are a lot of places that want to be able to help you but you'd be you know better than anybody dennis you're the one that has to say you need the help i know in the the problem is is every or freight don't be afraid go there you were aware of the people that i then i know that same problem that i have and uh mike immunity that it would never know about i carry i will never heal the because as part of the program is you help the people within exactly exactly tennis were praying for you were pulling for you and and you're right i you got to have the courage to to get help and i hope if one person is listening to my show today who suffering that they will reach out to try to get help turn to a program go to your church find somebody who can refer you to uh somebody who can help thank you dennis all the best ryan your next welcome to israel brian your next up on the mike gallagher show mike i'm glad you're talking about about yourself my passed away couriers ago um i'm so sorry bryant and you're you're absolutely right this is a national crisis i'm really and and so i don't want to take your story but he were i'm here in colorado and actually one metre from graduating and university of colorado granted and even though it it could come up because of his contribution i quit what are the one who found them in fact fashion and that was after reviving fit every four with mouthtomouth no parent ever have okay now you shouldn't you shouldn't you shouldn't have had to go through what you went through brun so let me give you one more thing my wife and i have been so quiet about your we we have out there there were you know the people who are.

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