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They built a great system for us. But it really wasn't going to get us to that next level so that we could start really you know. Increasing delivery start. Doing third party takeout. You're already using door dash but we integrated Ubereats as well as grub hub and then an aggregate or to get that all into one tablet and toast really toast. Point of sales system really changed everything for us. During the pandemic we launched actually september eleventh. Two thousand twenty with toast made an boxing video with my general manager. Talked about why we're on boxing. This you know point of sale restaurant technology and we had a lot of people asking. Why are you making such a ridiculous video. Well number one. My son loves on boxing videos. He's a four year old that loves monster trucks and hot wheels and he watches kids. That have that. Make twenty million dollars a year on boxing these videos so we made this restaurant technology on boxing. Video it's now getting to be one of our most popular videos on our youtube page but nonetheless. We started a relationship with the top technology company and hospitality. And that's one of the things that we talk about two other rock restaurant owners and other barbecue professionals that the internet allows you to break down so many walls and to start to develop communications with people that you never would have been able to do. Otherwise i mean you and i became friends because podcasting because national barbecue association. It was a digital connection that became in real life connection. Sean walsh jeff. Joining us here on the show kelly. Bbq dot media is the website and find these. Oh shaded social media handles. I always say. Just go to google and type in kelly. Bbq and then you will quickly see all the avenues to follow sean and the restaurant everything else that he has going up. A sean is the is a month. Were passing as you said you. You want all in and you look around you and you see restaurants closing for an extended period of time or you even see restaurants perhaps were around for a long period of time close for good. A barbecue does lend itself to carry out. There were a lot of barbecue restaurants that i talked to over the last year and a half that said we were able to tread water because we closed down the inside. We made it complete to go on on the customer side. But i don't know if they were really looking any further than making only that pivot it was. Yeah we're we're used to inside. We're going to change it up by having people come in but then go immediately out but not think of anything outside of that box. So how did you leverage your all in social media continue to operate but then what else were you looking at or did you see anything else on the horizon outside of the third party ordering platforms and like you to talk about those and how they are good and how they are bad because i hear a lot of both right i hear a lot of jordache and whoever else say our ass and then the other side of the coin is charging thirty percent. They're charging forty percent. This is a viable business. Model going forward so when you how do you navigate those waters. And how did it help you. And did you have to come to some type of a negotiating table with these folks to say what you're charging is frigging ridiculous and it's not something that's viable for people like us or restaurants in general to use you regularly for. Yeah i mean. I think for for me not to say that i wasn't scared would be would be bullshit. I talked to my wife. I to my general manager was march seventeenth Of the pandemic twenty twenty where we literally laid off twenty nine employees people that we love people that are part of my family. And what did we do. We used social media to share that story. So i went on twitter. I went on. Facebook went on instagram. We made videos. We asked the community that had been supporting us for thirteen years to continue to support us in this delivery and takeout model. And one of the things that we're trying to do now is understanding. We can't discriminate. How people get our barbecue. You know we built. We built a restaurant in a very difficult location starting in two thousand eight during the recession. And because we did that we had to learn how to use the internet. We had to use our smartphone. We had to use social media to tell the story to get people to come into our restaurant but once we started to build a business in a brand that people all over the county started to enjoy. We started looking at different ways that we could do slow food but deliver it fast. Everyone has a smartphone. Everyone's ordering we want to make things as easy as possible for people to come in and get barbecue. John wall jeff joining us here on the show Sean as we move down the road. Here's a term that. I wasn't overly familiar with now. I'm getting bombarded with ghost. Kitchen for the raiders for you guys especially for the operators that have recognized this concept embrace. It almost seems like this is the thing that not only helped work through the toughest times the president of the pandemic but they've seen doing a complete switch from what their normal was to the ghost kitchen not only gives them success but allows them to potentially scale on a whole new way. Tell me a little bit about the model and how it's changed a game for you. Sure so back to the slow food fast building the amazon prime of barbecue. We wanna make barbecue as easy. Anna's accessible to as many people in san diego county as possible. We have three point. Three million people in san diego county instead of making people drive twenty minutes forty minutes sixty minutes across the county because they've heard of great barbecue. What happens when you hear of great barbecue. You hear a great barbecue spot. All of a sudden you get local media attention you get national media attention. Then guess what. It's gonna take an hour two hours. You have to line up to go and get that barbecue. Well if we started leveraging technology if we started using toast online ordering started using ubereats door dashing grub to start getting barbecue two people since barbecue takes time and expertise if we can just get it to people that want barbecue no matter where they are whether they're out a little league field whether they're at an office where they're at the beach whether they're at home or whether they wanna come pick it up and eat it on our patio that's great ghost. Kitchens is a smaller footprint literally for us to go build a fifty seven hundred square foot kitchen. Same two hundred and fifty people. We would be talking about one to one point five million dollars. This allows us to get another location at other distribution point in san diego for less than one hundred thousand dollars. So we have two hundred square foot kitchen in downtown san diego my catering manager stephen twitter skews on the live. Feed right now. Who's a huge kelly barbecue part of our media team. We have derek walls who's also part of the live feeds stover harder. Who is the producer. I mean everybody that's on this feed. Were trying to create a new way to do barbecue and part of that is understanding that the people that are working within the barbecue shop. They all have smartphones. So how can we start sharing the story of us smoking barbecue fresh every single day on our hickory pits and then bringing it fresh down to a different location where more people can get a chance to enjoy that barbecue. They don't have to drive thirty minutes all the way to spring valley. Come and get our barbecue. And then they don't have to wait in line. it literally allows them to get barbecue on their terms. So are they coming physically to a location and wherever it is in san diego or is it neither. They can be through the app as well and have it delivered yet so it ghost kitchen. It's for it's for pickup or for delivery so there's just no dinan component. So if you think of like a food hall this is more of a virtual food hall where there's twenty three different concepts. Twenty three different kitchens. Some of them run multiple concepts. We have kelly barbecue as well as kelly wings. Out of one two hundred square foot kitchen but it allows us to distribute barbecue have sales point on part of san diego that typically We're we're just never in. It's better than a food truck because it's a permanent location. It allows us to build the business repeat business regular customers and is this the facility that you own or are you running a poor leasing. Where so it's a it's a. It's a short term lease run a twelve twelve month lease so if it doesn't work out in a year you pull out and and that's it no. We're beta testing multiple different markets in san diego. And we're about to open up our second ghost kitchen. Location by san diego state Later this.

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