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That's a swedish rhapsody by hugo alphand. But the word rhapsody is greek. It means songs stitched together. Ancient greeks told stories about their heroes in huge long epic poems. And they took parts of those poems and recited them using lots of vocal ups and downs for emphasis. The sing song recitation of poem pieces was called a rhapsody in music. Rhapsody is a free form composition that stitches different huhne's together lots of rhapsodies us popular or folk melodies from a particular country like the romanian rhapsody number one by georgian enescu and. That's actually got annoyed that his first rhapsody became so popular audiences never wanted to hear any of his other music. Franz liszt was born in hungary in spite of the fact that he spent very little of his life their list composed twenty. Hungarian rhapsodies anyone. Who's at bugs. Bunny fan knows the list. Hungarian rhapsody number. Two charles stanford only composed six rhapsodies about his native country. This is stanford's irish. Rhapsody number. Five french composer camille sounds souls based his rhapsody van on folk songs from a region of france. Another frenchman got inspired by a trip. To southern spain emmanuel shabri called his rhapsody espana which is spanish for spain. Not all rhapsodies are about foreign countries. The second rhapsody for piano and orchestra by george gershwin describes a walk through manhattan one of the five boroughs of new york city because gershwin used music to imitate the sound of skyscrapers being built. His second. rhapsody is sometimes called rhapsody. In in rivets rivets are what hold the metal beams of a building together. There are also rhapsodies than don't really have anything to do with a place as a wedding present for robert and clara schumann daughter..

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