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Kerry Nolan, President Trump, Steve Lynn discussed on BBC Newshour


And the New York conversation it's seventy two degrees under fair skies in New York City good morning I'm Kerry Nolan an independent watchdog who spent seven years investigating waste and mismanagement at the state department before being fired by president trump is set to be interviewed by house investigators today Steve Lynn it was dismissed from his role as inspector general during a wave of firings or demotions by trump the moves were made with minimal explanation and if triggered congressional demands for answers when protests spread across the city MTA bus routes often get disrupted W. N. Y. C.'s Steven Nelson talk to one bus driver who instead chose to stay on course late Sunday night around eleven thirty bus driver next year of Jeremiah was heading down Atlantic Avenue toward the Barclay center he saw a wall of police ahead of him he says it was like a disaster movie he'd actually been warned by a dispatcher to avoid the area but observe Maun says he just couldn't leave his passengers nurses and home health aides far from their stock I just felt it was dropped off at the local gonna helicopters it was just crazy he says he tries not to worry about the corona virus or protests right now he just goes on auto pilot and focuses on driving the legal aid society is suing the NYPD for the release of more than one hundred people detained by the department beyond the twenty four hours allowed before arraignments lawyers with the organization say it's a clear violation of the state's requirement for diff defendants to see a judge in a timely fashion legal aid is urging the department to use desk appearance tickets rather than arrests for minor incidents the NYPD did not immediately respond to a request for comment there's guys right now clouding.

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