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Tony Cats in the 93 W E B C. Moesha. We first heard the story. It was box Booker Lake Monroe saying that he was walking with some friends around Lake Monroe. He is black, his friends, I think white. Came across another group people all white. The next thing you know, they've got a box book are pinned up against the tree. That's where the video takes place Box. Booker claims that they were going to Lynch him that they called for a rope. To do just that demands for their fur arrests to be made of this group of people are seeing in a video. There's yelling there screaming. There's commentary, all sorts of things. Some of it very, very not what you want to see. Certainly we don't know why box Booker was pinned up against the tree. Then the defense comes out and the lawyers come out and say This is not the case is you know it fucks booker was the aggressor. When the other when the defense started coming out. The defense started coming out for Sean Party. Who is the one of the people involved with pushing? Ah, box Booker against the tree? That's when we said OK, we can have this conversation. Tony Katz, 93 w IBC. Good Morning. There's an FBI investigation and I am waiting for the FBI investigation. But now we have a he said. He said. On this case, and the Baldwin joins me right now from Baldwin Perry, and I think it's called Came ish km. I asked H the attorney for Sean Party. Who is the group of guys and girls who were there. Lake Monroe, who claim that box Booker Waas, a trespassing They're the group that had him pinned up against a tree and their claim is no, no, no. They were restraining cause Booker was attacking them. So let's start from the beginning, sir. And I appreciate you taking the time to be with us. I should note that the lawyers for box Booker have been invited on the show that was sent by my producer Ari Castle. We have not heard from them yet. If we hear back, we invite them on more than happy to conduct. On interview with them look forward to the chance to speak to them. This story has got national attention and your contention is it's got national attention for all the wrong reasons. That's right, Tony. Thanks before I tell the story, I think you need to tell you a little bit about the accused your box book of think that context will help in the understanding of the story. That's okay. Well, we'll see what you have to say. And then we'll see if it's okay. Mark first thing that I think important to know his box Booker has been picked out of the Black Lives matter. Bloomington Branch this reported on by the Bloomberg That part doesn't matter. Let's get to the story in question were going to go. We can discuss his character all you want at a later time. That's what you're going to Dio. Let's start with the story. The story is is that VOCs Booker and his friends came upon Your group, The group that you that you're defending, and it was the first totally amicable. Yeah. Okay, So this is on July 4th around 2 p.m. and the property in question is private, and that is owned by Caroline. McCord Carolina court is the girlfriend of Sean 30 and it's butted up against a public for us that people can't bad and it's not unusual for people. Teo wander on you to play the property, and that's what happened on the day box. Booker wandered on city private property, and Sean will tell you he ran into him. He was on his four way lose. Shawn was and he said, Hey, this is private property. That's unusual. But you know, we're just private. So can I take you where you're supposed to go? Box said. Yeah, Here's I'm over this campsite like I know exactly where that is. Come on in the four wheeler and all the take out their mouth here a few minutes dropped him off. Book of said a man. Thank you hated him appear on the 12 pack of Miller genuine draft that he had, and they went on their way and everything was fine. I mean, that's that's that seems like a pretty normal kind of interaction. So that happened at what time early afternoon. He has about two o'clock is what Sean thinks. So what happens next? When did box Booker and his friends and was he with his friends at the first time was with a group of people just by himself? He was by himself. So then how many hours later? He come back with friends. About four hours later, Tony roughly, and one important thing. I think that might have happened during that four hours. It was there was a boat. That was going across mineral or lake and it had a trump sign on it and the people that were with Shawn Uh, they, you know, cheered and clapped for that Trump boat. And so that is, we're wondering if that's what triggered the next thing that happened four hours later with Booker. That was in between. And then what happened? Next is Sean, Our client is kind of at the dock area and his girlfriend Caroline McCord, is up near the woods and out of nowhere comes box Booker. And he's hot and he's angry and he's yelling that he said. You know, I am. I am a county commissioner. And you are a racist and I'm going to ruin your life. And I'm going to find you on the issue Find against you. And Caroline's there by herself with a three year old daughter, a 13 year old daughter, and he is in her face like 12 inches away, pointed his finger at her and Sean, and by that time he has come up from the water area, whether we're the Lakers You see something going on? He doesn't register that this saying that it was there earlier. He has no idea what's happening, and so he goes into separate down. And, you know, create space because he's trying to figure out what's going on. And then Booker punches him in the 10 in one of three at least three punches and that one pretty much not Sean down and you know caused him to lose for a second. Like when people get eventually they lose consciousness for a second. The Carolinas worried and they're all freaking out. This guy's out of control. And the next thing they know, Uh Dee is about five feet away and Booker is against the tree He's holding on the tree and that guide it was so loud, so boisterous. Yelling is now quiet. And he's holding on to this tree and Sean gets up and says I don't want to hit any more. So he then tries to its training this guy, by the way, Booker Six foot £300 roughly our guy, Shawn. It is 58 maybe 1 60 About that time they notice three or four or five people coming out of the woods with cell phone cameras videotaping it. The book. Is there quiet? Ok now I got now I gotta take a step back with the Andes. It's the 93 W IBC Match up. Jamie. 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