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Duran on the law passed crosscourt thompson's covered by colder emma order thompson try to put it on the deck go self five this takes it light outside west okada tripoli short and flat and the rebound by cleveland here's gauge quickly into the forecourt back to the basket against iran on the way a fine shepherd attacking durant pass from the baseline up top two corber eight minutes to go with a half over five law than the middle angel's feet over was fiddle knocked down the 20footer he's author great sardis now five very meaning kevin love the ivana price you have to look for him i knew in these pick of rawls and on a kick out orders lee trimmed to eight years durand fine david west now moves to the left inside the yard 15footer works it off the backyard rebound jumper that that's the open the vote said he's been open on any shot shelford hard drive against iraq got a shot up no good foul by k day and among shepherd will get himself to the charity stripe which seven thirty ford ago here in the hair this is almost hip your cleveland if you don't have an open outside yacht you have to drive the ball art divest it then if they doubleteam fine kickoff is otherwise you have to be strong going through the room because they will value where you're not gonna let you get an open shot so you can't the winner jerod hesitate or pull up and take a contested junk shop that has worked throughout to sit half david durant is second up personal foul first free throw went down for shelford timeout called by the warriors will step away seven thirty four to go i have game two golden state by seven fifty two 43 over cleveland this is the nba finals on espn radio presented by doubt progressive presents mindfloness with flo you're spiritual chimney to were in mind as and as you.

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